Funny Fleeb Auctions

OK, post up any eBay/whatever auctions or sales that make you laugh for their originality, wit or honesty. Don't post up the dreamers and scammers, that's covered by other threads. Getting you started, here's one that was too big to be confined to the "Bass Guitar" sub-category. Check out the images and the text :lol:

Just to explain, "Feck" is a sortof Irish pronunciation of the well-known naughty word - as heard (often) in the great sitcom "Father Ted".

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Almost worth bidding just for the Diasapan pickups, don't get many of those around. Takes me back to my first bass which was a 'Tender Perfection' according to the headstock.

Why do you get 13amp power sockets that close to your carpet? is it some dodgy rewiring job? ive seen houses like that, so close you cant plug anything in.

I reckon he's selling the Bass to pay for a decent bit of carpet.

Perhaps it's a very deep carpet.

This one's description is quite amusing. You've got to feel sorry for this guy:

"Another guitar has to go. My wife buys clothes, I buy guitars, maybe I have a problem. I only bought this guitar 4 months ago from a guy in Liverpool. He'd had it for about 4 years and gigged a lot hence the damage to the head and a few scratches to the front (see photos) but they don't affect the play at all. I'm to tight to buy an amp but I've borrowed one and the guitar sounds great. It has a shallow roundback body,spruce top, volume control, a built in 3 band eq and Les Paul light electric strings that bend very easily. I had great plans for this guitar but now I hardly ever play it as I am getting more into flamenco.There is no case but it will be well packed. Go on give a little used guitar a good home. The money will be going to my flamenco guitar fund (don't tell the wife). If she finds out I will have to buy her some shoes."

Take an old Egmond guitar out of a skip full of rubbish. Tidy it up a bit and give it a re-spray. Make a non-functioning bridge without any kind of saddle arrangement to speak of and mount it in the wrong place on the body.

And what do you get? The Unplayable Guitar!

haha it's refreshing to see honesty on fleeb.

He does have a good sales spin on that, try to make it sound like a challenge, he says its a banjo sound, could do well in a Dexy's tribute band. if you have the gumption to bring the bridge forward and add some saddles, and machine heads. and .. blimey, might as well buy a Banjo.

It shows that honesty doesn't pay, after all. An Ovation for cheap money. A Sunn bass with Dimarzio pups (they actually were a set of Larry's split-Ps) for £46. And I've seen people talk "Egmond = early Beatles" horsecack and get silly money.

Hmmm, better rethink my Hondo bass listing. Wasn't this POS once used by Ricky Gervais of "The Office" when he was an 80s wannabe popster :?: :lol:

It was a Synthtar. And you need some minor celeb that's now dead, or at least close to it, so you are ready to sell when the iron is hot.

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