Left handed noob says"hello!"

Firstly, may I say what a great site, although it usually seems a bit quiet when I visit.
Been playing guitar for over twenty years, rock bands, soul bands, even a blues duo. These days I just play for my own enjoyment.
I currently own a Gordon Smith G60. Great to play but very battered.
Epiphone Sheraton. Sexy looking and schmoove.
Yamaha Pacifica 112. Very good for a budget plank.
Ozark Resonator. Loadsa fun with open E tuning.
Yamaha FG420 acoustic. Enjoys a good BBQ.
Fender Jazz Bass. Mmmm.
My first guitar was a Zenta Telecaster bass. Anybody remember those?
Horrible thing, but it got me into my first band.

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no but i once tried using one as a cricket bat, very aerodynamic.

lee_UK wrote:

By the way have you noticed how very very odd some guitars look left handed? The Strat, and Les Paul just dont look right?
do they look unusual to lefties?

I was on the train to work reading 'Bass Guitar Blah Blah' magazine and they had a lefty special with millions (maybe five) of my nearest and dearest flipped wrong-ways...made me feel all funny, just looks wrong!
I may have still been ineebreehated tho?...from Wednesday...which was weird, to say the least (which is probably a good idea!)

Love as ever to y'all, I've been lurking for a while as I'm not that tech-savvy but just know I'm here, and watching...bwah-hah-har


Playing a Flying V sitting down you have to stick the lower "wing" between your legs and play it in an almost classical guitar position.

It's quite comfortable actually, and not the impossibiity that people often claim it to be.

Lefties just look weird anyway (no offence: I am one) so they always catch my eye in a "looks weird" way. Assymettric guitar shapes don't help, though. If I were a lefty trying to keep it quiet I'd go for the Gibson SG guitar or EB bass. For some reason, Rick 4001 basses always look OK in lefty guise. Is it the Macca influence?

no, its because they look weird anyway.

anyone see 'T in the Park' over the weekend?
Guitars that new bands play for looks, rather than sound, top fashion guitars this year.

6 string
1) Telecaster '72 custom, must be black, with either 1 or 2 humbuckers.

4 string
1) Rickenbacker 4001/4003 in black.

any others?

Good spot on the '72 TeleCus, Lee (eg, Snow Patrol - exactly matches your descn, also "Editors" vox/rhythm player). One cool looking - and, indeed, sounding, guitar, though. The 4001 is just an iconic bass. I'd love one; except I'm mostly 5-string (the short lived 4003 5-string has a 33.5" scale - hmmm) and I'm too cheapskate to pay lefty Rickky or Stingray prices. Snow Patrol have a lefty bass player, BTW (I might have mentioned that. Nearly as ineeebreeated as my chum Tim right now).

Have you seen the frightening price of Flying V basses right now? $2400+ on Fleeb. Yowza :shock: Still, despite owning one of those "exotic wood, thru-neck" blah blah basses, I'm all for a return to a bit of Lake Placid Blue and a scratchplate. Call me old-fashioned... :)

We really should keep our exotic Bass player language; 'ineebreeated' and Blah-blah' in the bass forum, don't want to confuse those with the smaller instruments.

I remember the early 90s "Shoegazer" bands were wall-to-wall Ricky 360s and Fender Jazzmasters. Hefty number of Musicman Stingray basses, too.

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