Trying to find out about my guitar

I have a Charvel flying v that I was told to hang onto b/c it might be worth money (I was going to anyways). I was wondering if there is a serial number database somewhere where I can find out my particular model's information. My number is 361268. It is a strange setup and I have never seen another one like it before. I wish i could post some pics but I have no website to put any online. It says Charvel on the head, it has Jackson tuning pegs. Its got the standard dots on the fretboard (no sharkfin :( or lightning bolt inlay). It has a Flloyd-rose trem. It has 3 charvel pickups all single coil but the bottom two are side-by-side and angled so I think they are wired as a humbucker. There is only 1 volume knob, no tone knob, and a 5-way switch. Bolt-on neck. No battery inside. Also its an offset v shape, the one side is longer than the other (killer). Anyone have anything at all for me or know where i should look?

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To post pics take a look at - it's all pretty easy.

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Those pointy shark-fin style Vs were popular towards the tail-end of the 80s and early 90s. I'd guess it was from that period.

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