So I've had my new Pink Floyd Pulse DVD on all weekend

Finally got around to getting the Pulse DVD over the weekend. I'd been hanging for it for ages, and then when it finally was released, I was broke as a joke. Luckily this week I buggered off more important things and spent the $25 bucks.

Haven't got through a lot of the special features yet but I'm pretty darn happy with the concert. The video quality is a bit shithouse, but for those wanting a look at Gilmour's fingers, the lighting is good (on most occasions) when the camera gets up nice and close, Sound is awesome and you can really hear the bass coming through on the sub. The drums in Learning to Fly... ooooh yeah.

I still love Water's Live In Berlin more - you can't beat Cyndi Lauper dressed as a schoolgirl can you?

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You lucky son of a gun. My mate emailed me yesterday to tell me he got the Pulse dvd, and told me how good it is. I'm currently un-employed and have no spare cash whatsoever. Still, I'll enjoy it all the more when I do get hold of it.

Anyone get 'The Wall' with Bob Geldof? got to be the worst film ive ever seen, apart from 'Wolf Creek'!

I saw The Wall at the cinema. What a pile of old w*nk.

To be honest, I thought the album was crap as well.

As Dave Gilmour said, "The whole album was a bit of a winge".

Roger Waters massaging his ego like it was, well, something that needed a really good massage!.

Good video to 'Another brick in the wall' though.

Dave Gilmour in concert is also nice. Bob rocks up to that gig as well Lee. Filthy rat.

Sticks his snout in everywhere doesnt he?

Always sticking his snout in Parky too. Everytime I switch onto UKtv, I can practically smell his bad aftershave oozing out the screen. I dunno how Parky does it.

Are there two guys on the drums, and a big stand-up surround electronic drum set on the DVD? That's what was on the "Live in Venice" video.

Waters is now saying he didn't like The Wall movie, and there are noises about a new version. Not sure how well it would go over...we're all over those drugs now, aren't we? ;)

The Wall 2 would almost be as eagerly anticipated as a 4th remaking of Tubular Bells.... 'Electric piano! dah dah dahhh dah, 'Electric Bass!' dum dum dumm, 'Electronic Cash Register!' Kerching.. enough said.

Who did the stupid voice over for that original rubbish?

David Bedford did the voice-over for the original rubbish.

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