play any songs in a language you don't speak?

Hi everyone
My friend Claire doesn't speak english but we have fun everytime i see her =>

Just wondering if anyone else has any songs in their bag in a language they don't actually speak?

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Hi 1bassleft
How are you doing?
I agree => if you want to sing a french song : choose another one!!
The girl singing "lolita" is very pretty but the lyrics of her song so stupid...
if i had to translate what she sings " it's not my fault if everybody is looking at Lolita"..........

I'm fine, thanks Acoustica. Mrs Bass is a French teacher so she got very excited about the song. She never listens to lyrics in English, never mind French, but I did hear her spouting stuff like having a tongue like a wolf or cats. I'm a chemist, so I recognized the "methylene blue" and, frankly, wondered what she was on about :)

Mrs Bass is a French teacher

Passe lui le bonjour et bonne journée à ta petite famille.A très bientot. :wink:

Merci, acoustica, tu es tres gentille. I didn't need the help of Mrs Bass (just as well, she's asleep again) but apols for the lack of accent. This is an English keyboard. Worse for my Spanish chums; I can't get a squiggly "n". When I type "prospero ano nuevo" on 1st January, I know I'm wishing them a Happy New Anus.

Isnt there another Forum you can take this to? please dont subject us all to your 'Un kilo de pomme' schoolboy french Mr 1bassleft..... :lol:

Pity Acoustica is here, and we have strict rules about swearing on this site (presumably applying to non-English language, too) or I'd say something like

"Fiche ma paix, Lee. Un rigalo? Mon cul" :mrgreen:

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