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Hopefully I start something here with "gear pictures" post 'em guys(&gals)
Sorry in advance if these pictures are too big!!

I don't actually yse the Peavey MKIII anymore but I keep it around for back-up. I use the Yorkville Bassmaster 800 in a Gator road case now.

These are the old style electrics that I have. On the left is a Guyatone 4 and the right is my '67 Framus (the reason I could answer some questions in a previous topic in guitar stuff)

These are my fav's on the left is an Ibanez SR400 and on the right is an SR405. I use these when playing live.

These are my speaker cabs. On the top is an Eden 2x10 and on the bottom is a Peavey BW1505

these are the only pedals I use in my set-up: Boss tuner (TU-2) digital delay (DD-3) and overdrive (ODB-3)

I dont use my Fender acoustic too much on stage but man it sounds good LOL. The Simon and Patrick six string is just so I can fake being a guitar player LOL :D [/img]

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8) Hey 1bass, I used two WEM power amp sections and a older Alembic Pre Amp on a tour a few years ago. Killer tone, Ran them in to two older SUNN single 18 cabs and a Ampeg eight 10 cab. Thunderous tone !! Still love my old SVT's and Orange heads, but the WEM power was savage !! 8)

P.S. A " Mad Geek" buddy of mine just put me two Peavey Firebass 700-Ampeg creations together. Uses the Peavey front end and big, huge, Ampeg power.. I'll keep you posted as to how many soundmen I drive insane !!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't know you had Orange heads as well as SVTs, Jimmy. Nice (and now very expensive). I used to use an Orange head and cab that was lying around in my student digs (back in the days when old valve gear was cheap and old-fashioned). Those WEMs you used would be solid state but still very underrated gear. Charlie Watkins of WEM provided the PA for just about every 60s and early 70s festival Britain ever had. He deserves the title "Father of Loud" every bit as much as Jim Marshall.

Now, here's a pic of Jimmy's lovely '68 Telecaster bass that he bought from new. Note the period-feature nearby lava lamp :) :

8) Until the past few years, I was a "odd duck" for collecting all the Fender "Tele" shaped Precision Basses. Now they have been re-issued more than once and a lot of people are playing them.

Is it the same way overseas ???? :?:

I don't often see them in Blighty, and the humbucker Tele bass hardly at all, unfortunately. A great looking bass, IMO

And now... Jimmy's '72 Telebass with the humbucker. Great sound from these basses; just check out the bass playing on Jeff Beck's "Beckola" album:

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