DEFINITELY the worst guitar ever!!!

i know its a big claim, but you know what its like, too much time on my hands, nothing on the TV, ebay is winking at you, so i had to have a look for REAL bad guitars and came up with this one, his claim is kind of interesting too 'PLEASE DO NOT EMAILS ABOUT THIS GUITAR,WE JUST DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT' so what do we think about this one?? anyone got anything close??

frightening thing is, there are 3 bids on it, 8 days left, not you is it 1bassleft??

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I hear ya! Those old "Woolworths" Kay guitars were dreadful, unplayable things.

Save some matches and firelighters for me!

Have a look at this one, 3 strings? check the frets, it looks more like a murder weapon !

Errr... it's just a plank of wood isn't it?

what i want to know is, what is under the sheet? on 2nd thoughts best leave that one alone. and what the hell location is that? Oelwein, IA?? iowa? who remembers 'the hills have eyes'?

haha, notice those white stains on the floor? they are remaking 'The hills have eyes'... but the image I had was of Leatherface wielding that menacing lump instead of his chainsaw.

there are some very disturbed people in those hills, and by the looks of it they now have a dial-up PC with access to ebay, what next?

lee_UK wrote:
this is the kind of guitar that needs burning, this is the kind of rubbish we were forced to use when i was 12-14 yrs old, its unbeleivably bad, there are a few things wrong with this example, look at the nut, nice angle, machine heads all in one peice, the strap button on the wrong horn, he describes it as 'sold as is' in other words it might work but the sound is apalling, he also says 1960's, i think its mid 70's, they used to retail for £45 NEW AND HES GOT THIS ONE UP FOR £50 !! this thing should have been crushed and shredded..

Now thats scary, the Audition guitar I mentioned in answer to the 'Who's ever smashed a guitar" question was the same as that guitar, I'm sure off it! its round here some where, my studios a mess but I'm sure its the same...and to think people keep recommending I replace my Framus with a Kay! My friend thought it was a Kay!!! must give him a slappin'

How could you even consider a Framus on the same level as a Kay?? Kays are urgh, and yuck, and arrgh, ask any guitar tech what can be done to improve the Kays tone and you will soon hear the sound of the dynamite being prepped.

Later Kay's were often just "badged" guitars - cheap and nasty ones at that. Some of the earlier Kays are not so easily dismissed.

Point taken, ive seen a few people on here talk quite fondly about Kay guitars and i respect their opinions, but those Kays from woolies were in a world of their own.
Now pass me my box of matches.... please.

All for a good cause, but the stock SG would probably fetch more. Interesting use of chewed "Hubba-Bubba" for the breat cancer ribbon.

Now, seeing as it's OK for us to disagree, I rather like the idea of that amp; in fact, I'll mark it, seeing as shipping to Europe is pretty reasonable. I think it could go for a few bucks, though. I know, that chassis has to be the weirdest ever (I love how the transformer is secured to what looks like a garden-fence locking hinge) and there's some odd glassware in there. I've never even heard of a 35C4 rectumfrier and it might be tricky getting hold of 35C5 power tubes. Still, oddball stuff like those 7-pin tubes do appear on Fleeb and sell for donuts because nobody can use them. Makes a nice change from EL34/6CA7s, which always cost a bomb when made by the old UK/US makes. It's all Sylvania blackplates and Tung-Sol in there. Those elliptical speakers can work fine, too. Never heard a Utah, but '60s Brit amps like Bird used ellipticals to reasonable effect.

Anyhoo, here's another nasty guitar:

I knew that the title "one of a kind bass" was going to lead to something good. Do click on it. The Westone Thunder 1 was never pleasant when left stock, but this is a right nightmare. Toss up between a "worst guitar" or "worst finish" thread. Read the auction description. Truly eye-opening.

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