DEFINITELY the worst guitar ever!!!

i know its a big claim, but you know what its like, too much time on my hands, nothing on the TV, ebay is winking at you, so i had to have a look for REAL bad guitars and came up with this one, his claim is kind of interesting too 'PLEASE DO NOT EMAILS ABOUT THIS GUITAR,WE JUST DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT' so what do we think about this one?? anyone got anything close??

frightening thing is, there are 3 bids on it, 8 days left, not you is it 1bassleft??

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1bassleft wrote:
I think glw deserves some sort of MBE for finding these things...

If you want more... I've got it!

One-off John Birch guitar, ex Dave Hill from Slade

Home, James! It's the Rolls Royce guitar!

And from everyone's favourite German purveyor of vastly over-priced shite, here's the Coral Reef Charvel

The first one (Dave Hill) has a BIN price of £25,000.
Guitars for knob heads.
Good find glw.

Have a read up from the seller, triangular pickups?? sounds like sh*te, and a 5 min mercury timer, weird.

I have a friend Stateside who buys anything John Birch but I hope the looks as much as the price would put him off that one. The coral reef guitar is excreable, particularly the lime coloured hardware.

If it was owned by Hendrix / Clapton then i can understand a £25,000 price tag... But Dave 'Wonky Fringe' Hill? son of Jimmy? come on, 25k? oh mama we are all crazy now.

Apols, Lee. I didn't click on your Fleeblink and never commented on an excellent find. Terrible; like a Year 9 project. Here's a temp IMG link to the auction:

PLEASE have a click on this recent Fleeb auction. It was flagged up by 1953 Vintage on the PlexiPalace forum and he's allowed me to nick the link for posting here:

The pics are in an adobe slideshow format and I haven't worked out yet how to get the abomination imaged here. This carbuncle failed to exceed $0.99 and meet its reserve ($1 maybe?) even though - and get this - the "intellectual propert rights to the patent are included in the purchase price" :lol: :lol:

I put in an early bid in case it's gets pulled, it's the most innovative guitar since the Strat. It solves all those 'ive just finished my solo, now i need a Bass' issues. The times i wish i had a Bass clipped on to my SG, never there when you need it, also this one is so well done, the craftsmanship is excellent!
Well done for finding it Bass, but surely it's in the wrong thread??

It solves all those 'ive just finished my solo, now i need a Bass' issues.

Your solo finishes around the 15th fret, by the look of this thing :lol:

I'm still shaking my head in disbelief.

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