DEFINITELY the worst guitar ever!!!

i know its a big claim, but you know what its like, too much time on my hands, nothing on the TV, ebay is winking at you, so i had to have a look for REAL bad guitars and came up with this one, his claim is kind of interesting too 'PLEASE DO NOT EMAILS ABOUT THIS GUITAR,WE JUST DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT' so what do we think about this one?? anyone got anything close??

frightening thing is, there are 3 bids on it, 8 days left, not you is it 1bassleft??

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I have a very clear image of the band that uses that

It went for £81, a broken eyesore of a guitar, crazy. :?

Michael wrote:
I have a very clear image of the band that uses that

Me too...they're all ten years old for a start

I love this quote from the auction;


could be a typo error, could be a pun, could be any number of legal getout clauses.

well spotted glw, nice to see a well made plastic guitar, did people actualy take these things seriously? doesnt even have MIDI, whats the point in owning it? 15,000 were made and only this one was bought.

I've actually seen a band (several times) who use one of these live.

I've also seen a busker with one in Swindon (quite a few years ago now), but that's Swindon for you.

Great hit, glw. I've even seen this thing played onstage, alongside a keyboard player with a k/b on a shoulder strap. I think he (k/b guy) may even have had a mouthpiece for a "Stevie Wonder" synth-harmonica thing. I definitely remember the drummer had Simmons "Doop-doop-doo-doobydooby-doo" electronic pads.

That was a late '80s experience I'd comfortably buried deep in my head. Thanks for bringing it back up again just before bedtime... :(

Worse than that, I even tried one out when they were originally released. This was at the British Music Fair (or whatever it was called) that they used to hold at Earl's Court, quite a few years ago.

Anyway, it was a horrible plastic box, with plastic strings and switches beneath a rubber fretboard. Scary stuff indeed.

Well what IS that?Not for the uglyness(it is ugly), but for the thing itself....i've never seen something like that, does it really make a sound?I only know the typical classic ol'guitar with the keys and staff.How does this thing work?

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