DEFINITELY the worst guitar ever!!!

i know its a big claim, but you know what its like, too much time on my hands, nothing on the TV, ebay is winking at you, so i had to have a look for REAL bad guitars and came up with this one, his claim is kind of interesting too 'PLEASE DO NOT EMAILS ABOUT THIS GUITAR,WE JUST DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT' so what do we think about this one?? anyone got anything close??

frightening thing is, there are 3 bids on it, 8 days left, not you is it 1bassleft??

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It's basically the guts of a home keyboard built into a guitar-like package. If that makes sense.

It has drum rhythms and pre-set synth sounds that you would expect to find on low-end keyboards. Also note the built-in speake. You play it by plucking the strings and fretting it as you would a regular guitar, although the left-hand information is actually picked up by the instrument through switches underneath the rubber fretboard.

They had the cheek to market it as a digital guitar!

Well never played with one but i already hate it...Call me out of fashion and dull but i will always love the good ol' guitar with the strings and the frets and tunings and settings even the noise from the cable and the millions of euros spent for buying accessories and effects

I didn't like it either, but if someone can make music with one, then good luck to them!

heres a re-post of the guitar that started it all off, the Axe that launced a thousand veiws...

Notice the screws holding the neck to the body, why use 4? when 2 will do..

so, there she is guys, the MDF pink MTV cringer. The worst guitar ever made, a dodgy Kramer neck, bolted on to an MDF body with the triple naf MTV sign as its inspiration, but to top it all the guy installs a single coil Telecaster pickup for that heavy rock sound!! more like thin and weedy and country picking tones there.
But i think we can saftely say that i have indeed won first prize for this best effort, i even got the guy that bought it to chirp in with a reply.
All adds up to a gold medal i think... :lol: Roll the Union jack, and national anthem.... god save our gracious queen..

Not in the same league, but check out this Flying V custom:

The body is sapele (the same wood as used in your interior doors) and check out that yummy pickup selection...

Why does the seller not show us the headstock? What is he trying to hide?

Yeah, I think Lee is right - that MTV effort has got to be the "Worst Guitar Ever".

However, it's quite fun finding pictures for this chamber of horrors.

This Penta Systems Pentasitar must surely qualify for Most Ludicrous Guitar Ever, surely:

As seen on eBay recently -

That 'V' is never going to make £190, its not even worth the postage, the scratchplate doesnt look even where it follows the body shape, Ive asked him to post a pic of the headstock, he says move forces sale, looks like he's going to France, maybe the French wont let it in the country!

The scratchplate was listed as vinyl (nothing wrong with that, many are) but I suspect, in this case "vinyl as in linoleum". A well thought-out job of making it follow the line of the stoptail, don't you think? As Lee says, it has "handheld Stanley knife" written all over it.

Is it my imagination or is that V not even symmetrical? The lower pointy bit looks narrower than the upper.

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