DEFINITELY the worst guitar ever!!!

i know its a big claim, but you know what its like, too much time on my hands, nothing on the TV, ebay is winking at you, so i had to have a look for REAL bad guitars and came up with this one, his claim is kind of interesting too 'PLEASE DO NOT EMAILS ABOUT THIS GUITAR,WE JUST DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT' so what do we think about this one?? anyone got anything close??

frightening thing is, there are 3 bids on it, 8 days left, not you is it 1bassleft??

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Is RateMyAxe becoming the dumping ground of the ugly?

No thats Brisbane...oh sorry i could'nt resist that one, it was like the last cream bun on a plate full of Ice Fingers... sorry Mike :lol:

haha... not much on me but. It's not as good as A-Ha or the Serve King.

Your back in my OK books after that post/thread demotion, it was a very decent thing to do my friend.. :o

One of John Mayals??

where do i start? the optimistic £2.20 starting bid? New? Top quality? Silent? Innovative? Favourable? Play it on a stage? Publicly? ahhhh just got it, it's this one isnt it?

'This is truly a beautiful trumpet the picture does not do its justice.
You will love the look and the wonderful sound of this piece.'

'Trumpet my arse' Jim Royle - on setee, picking nose, 1999. :lol:

haha well yeah your first were right, but yes, it was the truely beautiful trumpet :D

Ah, but to be fair those kind of guitars aren't designed to be lookers, are they? They are designed to be compact. (A bit like the Traveler that can be seen in my photo here on the left - it's an ugly guitar but it's a goody!)

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