Gibson Les Paul

I'm new to guitars, and i was wondering what the differance is between a USA made Gibson Les Paul, and a Chinese made Gibson Les Paul? Also, why are the Chinese versions so much cheaper? Is the sound for the Chinese made worse in some way?

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I do have a Mask and Cape somewhere in the house, im thinking of a name like Captain Fookoffchinesescammingbustardsanddie, but i just cant fit the letters on the codpeice.

Now you're just being modest.

You havent seen the size of the codpeice !

The highjacking ones, once eBay refused to pull them (quote) "the original seller may have given permission to the other seller to borrow text and pictures for a similar item for sale" I started having a battle with.

I created "Sinoscamtosser" and bid left, right centre on £600 Gibsons, Fenders, etc. As soon as I got their bank details I posted them up on this site, sent it to eBay's fraudwatch etc. Do you know what happened? Fleeb sent me a "congratulations on your successful purchases" email. I replied back that I had no intention of paying for the items and I was deliberately being a NPB because they weren't doing the job properly. Surprisingly, they still haven't cancelled my Sinoscamtosser s/n :shock:

You see, if we all did this we could wipe out ebay scamsters overnight!
1bassleft can be our leader, our Baden Powell.
Anyone joining up brothers?

We do run the risk of IP banning. Which is unfortunate because a team of fake buyers would combat the problem to some extent. Would make a great 20 second 'oddball' piece at the end of the news too.

We could run a competition, who has bought the most Chinese sellers vintage amps and guitars.
A league table... :lol:

Winner gets a 27$ '60 Les Paul.

lee_UK wrote:
I once bought 8 vintage amps in 5 minutes, all at the BIN price, it was quite fun asking for 'extra' pictures of the amps from the Chinese scammers before i sent payment, thier eyes lit up when i mentioned sending cash through the post. Well worth a giggle.
They were then 'Unregistered' from ebay so they couldnt leave me bad feedback.

How were you able to rely on them being subsequently unregistered?

they always disapear a week after the auction.

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