Buying a Gibson Les Paul Classic, Please Help!


I went to guitar center and wanted to buy a gib LP classic (much better than standards in my opinion haha) anyway, they dont have any in stock and told me that i would have to pay in full, then they would ship one to my house. i wanted vintage sunburst but all tehy have is lightburst. Two more important than the other.. first is this safe to do, buying a guitar in full, with no refund ability, without playing it at all? i know it sounds crazy but it seems the only option. Can factory set up be that bad that I might get a lemon? And second, how do you owners of lightburst gibsons like the looks of them? Its hard to get a good feel for it in pictures. how do they look as they fade over time? Thanks for your guys help!

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just bite the bullet and get the seymour duncan catalogue out!! Seth Lovers are very nice this time of year.

not that desparate for coil splitting - nothing wrong with Ducans. On another note - how expensive are Marshall/Vox amps in the UK. How do they compare in price to eg Mesa boogie. In Australia Marshall are at the top of the "quality" mainsteam range and Vox are up there with Mesa Boogie the exception at nearly twice the price. I'm talking about tube amps only and not including any boutique stuff. Marshall also have some quality control issues - big name but lots of lemons and some design faults - but they have the sound like no one else.

Vox valve stuff is no longer made in the UK, went to China last year, although we have yet to see the quality of the new AC30 /15 range, they used to be made in the Marshall Milton Keynes factory in the UK and were a very good amp, i myself have owned a few korg models, we dont produce anything in this country anymore, it all seems to be going to Asia, even Japan seem to be losing out to China / Indonesia, how ironic.
if you want some prices then have a look at thats probably the largest UK online music website and often the cheapest, i disagree with your views on Marshall, i find most of thier range extremely good and very high quality and would recomend them to anyone.

Sounds like we we get the second best Marshalls in Australia - and I refer to Amps made in the last 10 years - it is unforntuanately a fact that there are many returns / breakdowns relative to oher amps in the same range. However, the Marshall warranty is good - and it needs to be. Outside warranty there are a number of repair guys I know who are very happy with Marshall quality as opposed to the owners - who are angry because some of the faults are so basic and preventable.

I know they build in the far east and there is nothing wrong with China/Korea/Taiwan - but not as cheap as Malaysia / Indonesia. I think Marshall are trading on their name a bit in terms of quality - the sound is better than ever.

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