Who collects 1960's vintage Japanese guitars, as a hobby?

Teisco ET-200
Teisco E-110
Kay ET-200
Heit Deluxe (model unknown, twin pickups with tremalo bar)
Conrad (model unknown, single pickup, similiar to Gibson SG junior)

All are 100% original, although NOT in mint condition.
I had to do some work on them (new nut, string bar, bridge piece, etc.)
Couldn't help myself, I did mod the Tiesco E-110 (one neck pickup), with a RY Cooder/Teisco gold foil pickup.
Sorry vintage fans, it is too good a pickup NOT to use!


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How very kind of you to think only of the interests of others. Sadly, though, there is no one who collects vintage Japanese guitars from the 1960s. Anywhere. But especially not here. :wink:

Im sure there are one or 2, ive seen Teisco questions answered with great zest hinting that there are a couple of anoraks on here.

ok, you found me out. That was merely a clever ruse to deflect attention from my secret obsession--- vintage Japanese guitars. :oops: Foiled again. In all seriousness (ummmmm), while probably not quite vintage, one of my prize possessions is my first guitar ever, a black 1983 Japanese made Fender Squier Bullet. White pickguard, telecaster headstock, strat-ish body, it plays remarkalby smooth and solid for a cheapo. It seriously feels like a million bucks in your hands, but sounds like its made of tin and plywood. Somehow, lately these are becoming quite the collectors' item. On eBay, they are now routinely selling for over 20 times the price I payed for mine in 1991. Two acquaintances were plotting to throw the guitar from a speeding vehicle and videotape the carnage. While I'm sure that would have been a monumental stunt for the ages, guaranteeing fame and fortune and maybe even an Acadamy Award for Best Documentary of 1991, I talked them out of it for 20 bucks. One week later I was playing clangy buzzing acoustical renditions of greats such as The Misfits "Some Kinda Hate" and Spinal Tap's "Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You (Tonite)" and the rest is... well,....actually, I havn't really improved much. :roll:

Bopsalot, you are preaching to the converted, we all revel in the greatness of Jap guitars, old and new, i myself have:

Maya 1980 tele copy
Squier Strat - 1994
Squier System 1 strat -1983
Strat '62 reissue - 1998
Tele '62 custom - 1997
Tokai Silverstar strat - 1982
Tokai LP Reborn - 1979

I think it's long been known that the quality and sound of the Jap guitars old and new are superior to a lot of the US models currently being turned out by Fender, Gibson and a few other big brand names.

Did you see the photo of a four-pickup...I think it was a Teisco...some time back, here? It's hanging on the wall of a restaurant near here!

mrblanche wrote:
Did you see the photo of a four-pickup...I think it was a Teisco...some time back, here? It's hanging on the wall of a restaurant near here!

Does it have pride of place above the grill?

Nope, just a decoration on the wall of an Applebee's.

I've had a couple actually. Sold them on though, because they weren't really players.

Now if you were talking 1970s japanese guitars, then I've got a perspex-bodied Strat copy from Sanox Sound Creator.

8) I am not a guitar player. I play bass. I do collect 60's MIJ stuff. I also love the 60's USSR stuff. But then again, I play Blues.Some of the 60's stuff sounds GREAT in the studio. Has kind of a Voodoo vibe to it. 8)

If you know of any 60's MIJ or USSR basses out there for sale, let me know.

Any pictures of your collection boogieman? i'd love to see the USSR stuff.

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