Morbid Week: Songs ruined by ex's

Think back long and hard chaps.

Billy Thorpe - Most People I Know (Think That I'm Crazy)

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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California

As if it wasn't already ruined by 456 hours of consecutive airtime :P

Oh, I get it now. How about

"Especially for You" - Kylie and Jason

I was only just reading an article on the poms obsession with Our Kylies ass. It didn't mention your obsessions with Jason's but?

but what? Or are you having homophone trouble again? Can you be accused of making homophonic remarks? :P

Well the "but" was more of a play on words.

I am the worlds no.1 fan of Kylies butt, we (Gary Sean John and myself)
once had a 2 hour discussion on womens butts on a drive back from a Birmingham guitar show, we each voted the best Butt and had to defend our choice, i remember John (singer and guitarist with an old band i was in) voting for Carol Vorderman! it took us an hour and a half to stop laughing, but Kylies was on everyones top 3, so it wasnt difficult finding the winner, and this was the days before 'cant get you out of my head' video. :P

I went with an ex to see the eclipse in Cornwall (1999). Our relationship was in a steady and quite speedy decline, I was drinking heavily and my ex hjad a fling with one of a few guys we'd met there, right under my nose. One of the guys was a guitarist and had an acoustic and was forever playing Rocky Racoon and Hey Joe - piss taking $%^! (Have a listen t the lyrics and you'll understand) I only realised much later and those songs are still tinged with betrayal and being made an utter prick out of. If I ever meet any of them again I'll Rocky Racoon them into next week, I'll Hey Joe their asses!

No great loss there Pat :D

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