Itchy trigger finger

I really want to get out the power-drill and fit a strap button to my acoustic bass behind the neck joint bit and need disuading, would my local luthier type guy laugh at this as a request? should I just do it myself? I can't afford to huck this up! But I've tried the 'boot string to the headstock' type's a long scale bass - it feels bad and I look like a hippy. It will be very neck heavy but it'll work for some of my B-lines, so I can accept that.

Photos are no problem if anyone has advice but needs pics, thanks,

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Tim, stop being a tart and get on with it!! :lol:

I fitted a Long Maestro lyre trem system to my beloved SG, drilling holes all over the place (well 2 holes were needed).

Advice? Drill a small pilot hole in the guitar, and screw in the strap button.
No luthier is going to laugh at you, well not to your face, but i bet they will re-tell the story a few times!

Don't know if you've seen many of my pics but all my guitars have been Black and Deckered in one way or another. it's just the acoustic thing I don't know where all the tension and stuff goes and don't want it to implode!

My SG is 50/50 wood and body filler and has 5 strap button holes! Even my much loved Aria has been drilled 4 times for strap buttons and of course I own the only 4-string 50's Framus guitar, like I say I can't resist modding them for long...this one has lasted a couple of months, which may well be a record!

yeah, all that stuff, and if your finger is still itching put some lotion on it.

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