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I read an article in 'Guitarist' magazine this month, if you would have bought a 59' Les Paul Standard in sunburst all original in 1985, you would have paid £6,000 for it.
This month, one was sold by a guitar shop in Denmark St. London to an 'Overseas' buyer for £200,000.
How long is going to be before they invent that bloody time machine?

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I'm working on it. I can actually transport myself (did a bit of target practice on some grassy knoll in '63) but I'm still struggling to hump back Superleads, '59 Bassmans and trays of Mullards in my pockets :oops:

Incidentally, I'll dig out the figures sometime but most guitars and amps etc were, in real terms, more expensive back in the 60s than they are now. That is, a Strat in 1964 sucked up more of your wages than buying a 2006 would today. There's one exception: Gibson. You'd have spent less of your salary then than you do now buying a modern. Cheeky little burgers.

Oh, just in case my "target practice" causes offence across the pond, you should've seen me racing my white Fiat Uno against that Merc through the tunnels of Paris back in '97.

Nice one Bass :lol:

In 1970, Don Wehr's Music City in San Francisco advertised any Stratocaster for $199, and at that time they were pieces of shit. Now they are selling for four figures, and are probably not much better. Two years later, I bought my first Les Paul Custom brand new for $360 with the OHSC. Of course, I was only making about $180 bucks a month at the time, so basically the Les Paul was two months wages. To give you an idea how fast prices increased, in 1978, I bought my second new Les Paul Custom from Guitar Center in San Jose for $600 with the HSC. Two years ago, I bought my third and last LP Custom for $2500. There are some economies of scale going on in addition to the cost of materials and labor. The price of the vintage market is definitely driving the prices of new instruments as people are being sold on potential collectiblity. idea

it may pay just as well to be able to read the future :shock:

Doc, I agree with the remarks about a lot of 70s Fenders. I was warned off them by the veterans when I was a kid. I have since seen some on Fleeb with four-figure tags and a neck/body join you could stick a full pack of cigarette papers down. In the 90s, I tried out a '73 Jazz that (OK, not set up) was horrible sounding and playing. It's ridiculous to think that I should've bought it just to triple my money in a decade.

200n Gibsons may still appreciate in value in future, if tree-huggers have their way. Brazilian rosewood (much nicer than Indian) is now very pricey and good mahogany will probably go the same way.

yeah , but plastic is the future , just listen to the music being produced nowadays !

As a veteran of Don Wehr's Music City from 1964 tp 1979 I can respond authoritativley to the " any strat" was $199 in the 70's. They were not, in fact, all $199 that was the price for Sunbursy, RW fingerboard, less tremolo (now known as hard-tail) Strats. The Strats with tremolo sold for more and any color other than the contemporary sunburst was more yet. Add the trem unit and it was even more.
This was SEP at Don's who was the pace setter of the day, month and for years back in the day. It was quite common to see a who's who of Bay Area rock visiting, buying or just hangin out each and every day at DW's. Those were the days when it was lots of fun and we were proud to represent the products we sold.
Enter the meat market distribution scheme of today and you have a train wreck.

Hey Reese,

Thanks for information from the source. It was all less corporate in those days, thankfully we were around to enjoy them. I think the who's who these days are too busy flirting with the name makers to hang out. Then again, I hope I'm wrong. sb

Bass, hows that time machine coming along?
one things for sure, i would avoid any time setting between 1970 - 1979.

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