Help me out with my Charvel

Ok, so I recently got a Charvel, its not an old one, its fairly new guitar.. but I want to know more about it.. so any help will be nice.. like color model of pickups since I know that they're seymour duncans. and the year I will give a couple of picture links I dont want to do HTML becuase pictures are farely big.. but.. here are the links..
and the serial number is.. 02040129 and for the color i don't want just "blue" tell me the certain color name please? thanks for anyone who knows and will reply :]

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I can only see one.

Only of limited help...

According to Bluebook, Charvel serial #s are only known to relate to a year during the period 1981-5, if that. Secondly, that's a colour no longer listed on Charvel's site. The only thing I can say is that the Dunkmore Semen pup does look like the TB-14 that is currently used as standard. Sorry, about all I could find out :cry:

thanks for somewhat of the help haha i've tried and tried and tried to figure out the color but all i know about it is its blue and its sparkles in the light and the neck has a real nice flame.. and when i said pickups i mean pickup i always say pickups so get used to it or we will have a problem haha but thanks for the help its a really nice guitar :]

AH HA! its a charvel journeyman and im guessing made in 2002 becuase i found one on ebay.. thats just a diferent color.. and its a 2002 and it says its a limited run heres the page. it says the pickups are duncan jb and i feel special that it says "limited run" haha i dont know thank you for all yalls help which is just like one person :D

ok so.. uhh im not sure since i didnt look into this good enough.. and stuff but i've found a jackson that looks like the color of my charvel.. but i wouldnt know im just picturing them up in my head i didnt do a comparison by looking at both pictures side by side. but.. here are pics of the jackson

it says its electric blue.

Charvel and Jackson probably shared paint buckets but, to me, that Jackson looks less glittery than yours. Have you tried contacting Charvel from their website?

no i havn't i will do that. thanks.

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