I have sold my Fender Twin 2-12 combo. It was a great amp, but I need something more compact for home use. (I am temporarily using my 1979 solid state Sunn 1-12 combo-sounds like crap) What would you guys recommend in terms of an all-tube combo? I am really looking for a quality something with lots of extra overdrive (doesn't necessarily have to be loud though), but no larger than a 1-12 combo. I guess I could probably spend as much as $750 american. Any ideas?

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Are you looking for new or are you prepared to go for vintage, Bops? The old "classics" will be over $750 but there are a lot of others well worth considering if you don't mind used. I'm thinking Traynor, Ampeg amongst others. If you're looking for a more "Fender" sound then the 6V6 amps are a better bet while the EL84/6BQ5 is more "British". Let me know what you like to play and I'll have a thunk, ancient or modern.

EDIT: :oops: , I just re-read and noticed your "extra-overdrive" which suggests you want a modern, channel switcher. OK, thunking...

I'm leaning toward something new I can just purchase off the shelf. That way, I can probably get a local dealer to order one for me to test drive without having to search everywhere for a specific vintage. I tried the 'little' Marshall all-tube 112 (can't remember the model name) and was very disappointed (not surprising as I was at the local evil corporate guitar superstore-- Guitar Center). I guess I could even go with a solid state electronics combo if it sounded nice enough (maybe a high end Line6? Anyone know anything about these?) I am currently going for a kind of a heavy eighties thrash metal sound right now, rather than a warm vintage tone.

Have you tried the Randall amps?

Peavey Bravo. I love it... more gain than you'll ever need, and it's 25w. Hard to find, but usually cheap.

The Bravo 112 is definitely a contender (I suggested it in Lee's thread when he was asking for SS recommendations) but the problem is that (AFAIK) it's no longer made. It'd be take a risk on the Fleeb or wait for one to come up locally so's you can try it. Channel-switching blahblah, our singer/rhythm used one a lot in the '90s.

Perhaps a better bet for metal/thrash would be the Randall RG50TC and it's new, in the shops and within your budget. Bigger and heavier, though. Whereas the Bravo is struggling at a bar gig, the Randall could probably cope.

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