help me soon !!

please help me,my email received an email,he told me there have a website,i want to buy a guitar,but i don't know those quality,please help me to look them.


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why nobody help me ?

What's the question?

Please could you be more coherent.

glw wrote:
What's the question?

Please could you be more coherent.

i want buy a guitar in this site: URL REMOVED
but i don't know the quality ,could you help me ?

there are all brand guitar,i saw them very good,but i'm not professional,please help me.

You want to buy a guitar from a site that coincidentally has the same login name as you are using?

Are you sure that site isn't a little bit dodgy?

Is this some kind of trap? Get us to go to that dodgy site and infect us with viruses?

Very suspicious!

...just back from a quick Google search.

I see - it's a CHINESE site.

So, that'll be Chinese counterfeit guitars. No thanks! We've seen enough of this rubbish already on eBay.

Also the same URL has the one he signed up with.

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