NEW digital recorder : H4 by Zoom ...and..H2!!!

Hi everyone
Very nice , very small and .....incredible!!

Edit (january 2007) / new samples found on the internet =>

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Time to talk about the H2.
Actually available in United states, UK and Germany.

Two samples found on the internet :
1/ acoustic guitar recording (wav file, can take time to upload)

2/Band performance recording

An owner's review :
I got my Zoom H2 a day ago and have been playing with it ever since. If you’re pressed for time, here’s my one word review:
For those with more time on their hands, I’ll try to flesh that out a bit.
First, it’s small and cool looking. Very light, even with batteries, but feels more durable than the H4. I actually dropped it once already and didn’t damage the little bugger.

I think Zoom learned some lessons from the feedback it got on the H4, because the H2 leaves little room for improvement. Unlike the H4, the H2 is really designed with one purpose in mind; it’s a VERY portable stereo recorder. Yes, there are some extras in there, but the main controls and interface are directed toward being able to quickly and easily grab live sound. Out of the box I was able to make my first recording within seconds. Try that with the PS-02, PS-04, or H4.

The H2 shares one of the H4’s strongest features; one button recording. But in this case, the button gives a better tactile response, which is a plus. Push the red record button once for standby mode to set your levels, then push it again to start recording. Push it a third time to end the recording.

While there are plenty of menus to dig through for special features, all the main features have buttons to control them. Zoom ditched the jog wheel and joystick from the H4, and instead went with very easy to use buttons. They also created a much easier menu system than that found on the H4. Granted, I’m comparing apples and a four course meal here, but for some users the H4 was too complicated, making the abundance of features a negative instead of a positive. Unlike the H4, the H2 doesn’t do multitrack recording, doesn’t have guitar or vocal effects, and doesn’t have a plugin for electric guitar or bass (although there are stereo line in and mic in mini-jacks). That said, I think with the H2 Zoom found the perfect balance of features and ease of use.

Ok, so what are the extra features? To start there’s a compressor, limiter, automatic gain control, metronome with choice of sounds and rhythms, and tuner. You can choose between different mic patterns, from 90 degree spread to 360 degrees. In the latter case, you can choose between mixing down to one stereo file keeping two stereo files that can later be used to create a surround sound mix. You can record to MP3 or WAV, with a choice of sound quality settings that will satisfy one and all.

Two of the cooler extras are auto recording and lead in. Auto recording lets you set a sound level as a threshold. When sound goes above this level, the H2 starts recording. You can also set a level that ends recording when sound goes below it. Imagine you’re sitting with guitar in hand strumming out some song ideas. The H2 will record when you’re playing or singing, and stop when you’re not. Each recording will be it’s own file that you can play back later. Great idea! The other cool feature keeps recording before you hit record. Then when you do hit record, it keeps the first few seconds from before you pushed the button. Imagine you’re recording a live band and they start the next song before you hit record. No problem, it’s already on the H2. Brilliant!

There’s much more to this device and I encourage you to check out the specs at

At $200 the Zoom H2 is a great deal. If you want a musical idea catcher that you can carry with you everywhere (or stick in your guitar case) this is it. Sound quality is great, ease of use is fantastic. The H2 comes with a desk stand, a handle that will fit on most mic stands, earbuds, a half gig SD card, and a USB cable. Interfacing with the computer is as easy as plugging it in, no special software needed.

The full manual is at

Tim wrote:
Looks great for drunken-evening acoustic-jam type sessions. I have a bit of a thing against Zoom having only ever had the 505 and 506 models inflicted on me, but this looks nice...


WHatever do you mean? I don't think I've ever [hiccup] been to a drunken [hiccup] evening jam session. :lol: :shock:

But as for the Zoom products, I am kinda with you Tim on their pedals, I had the 505 for guitar (I believe that was it), but I've owned the MRS1266 Digital Recording Studio for a few years now, and although it's bulky and not *ideal* to work with, per se, it does what I need it to do, for the most part.

I really wish that I *really* knew how to use it though; it kinda frustrates me that I never take the time to actually read the manual. We use it for live recording & rehearsing, where each band member plugs straight into it from their amp - it has 6 input channels, so 4 for the instruments, 1 for the drums, and 1 for the vocals.

4 for the instruments, 1 for the drums

:lol: , Shake. Is that one of those "anti-drummer" jokes?

1bassleft wrote:
4 for the instruments, 1 for the drums

:lol: , Shake. Is that one of those "anti-drummer" jokes?

Hahaha...I totally didn't even realize I said it like that. I guess now that I look at it, it sort of is an underhanded "compliment".

But I stick by it, nonetheless. :lol:

Here's a link to another H2 review and samples.

Have a listen to this , recorded with an old zoom PS04...sometimes people get a pro sound with nothing!

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