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I'm thinking of a build that doesn't make the obvious, otherwise it'd probably be easier/cheaper/better resale just to buy something or adapt a not-quite-right. I started out on a build because, at the time, you just didn't see volume manufacturers making a lefty 5-string except for pretty expensive items such as the Stingray 5. I was just at the point of realizing that body and neck weren't quite going to fit when the Jim Reed came along and, thanks to a shipping error, mine for a comfortable £299. I then got a basic but serviceable used Cort backup for £100.

It took a lot of point out of doing my own. A lefty 8-string is a very rare item that I'd be highly annoyed if one suddenly appeared halfway through a build. HST, I'd rather have routs for pups of my choice than the soapblocks. I wonder what Nirvana's "Come as You Are" sounds like played on an 8-string, with a plectrum?

A lefty 8-string is a very rare item that I'd be highly annoyed if one suddenly appeared halfway through a build

Talk about "ask and ye shall receive!" I've now spotted this auction for a lefty Schecter 8-string:


There are a few things I don't like. Basswood body for one, not particularly because of the tone (although some cheaper makes get some right nasty stuff) but because it picks up dings like anything. Secondly, and this is a common 8-string thing, the higher octave string is up top. That's fine for the finger pickers (and I'm playing more that way) but I've got a feeling I'd tend to plec an 8-string more often than not. Rickenbacker-style, bass string on top would be better and the Warmoth neck allows either way, because all tuning keys are bass minikey sized. Finally, the pups are Schec's own Diamond Series. I notice their more upmarket (righty only) 8-strings are fitted with EMG-Hz pups. I don't rate the EMG-Hz much, so that doesn't speak volumes for the quality of these pups. Still, they look like EMG-35 types so they're replaceable.

Watch this space. For £200 including shipping from USA to Blighty, I might just go get one after the hols.

I did try really hard not to laugh when I read this, honestly! And I was quite successful too, I just splurted wine out of my nose instead, which hurt. :D

What caused it, Tim? The fact that someone makes something every time I start a build, or the fact that I might spunk 200 quid on a Schecter? :)

1bassleft wrote:
A lefty 8-string is a very rare item that I'd be highly annoyed if one suddenly appeared halfway through a build

Talk about "ask and ye shall receive!" I've now spotted this auction for a lefty Schecter 8-string:

It was that bit, sorry :lol:

Well, I've returned to Blighty and encountered all manner of tedious things that get in a musician's way and blow money. £260 to get the central heating working, and now my main PC is down and I'm scrabbling on a lappy just to get online.

Looks like that 8-string will have to wait until February :(

My 5-string piezo bridge has arrived. Getting the screwdriver, allen key and soldering iron ready. The intention is to turn the Cort backup into a all-singing + dancing bass. Updates to follow... :)

Should be cool, is it a 5-string already?

how about DIY shots of this Cort as it goes through its stages.

Good idea, Mike. The Cort Action V is still available for sale, although the current model has some differences to mine. Here's a pic of the current model:

and the company's product info (typing "cort action" into Google gets you a lot of lawyer sites - presumably spelling isn't a requirement for an attorney) is here:

I'll get my camera running, but mine is similar. Instead of a "walnut" stain, the agathis body on mine is a putrid "natural". Also, that body up there looks very Jazz-like but mine has much more rounded horns in a Warwick style. The Jazz-type pups, and that odd slant, are present. According to the manuf's site, those are own-brand "Powersound" pups but I'd read somewhere that they're just MightyMites.

As a minimum, the Fender-style bridge will be replaced with the piezo bridge (temp pic):

and I'll use the Fishman Powerchip to blend the mag/piezo signals and provide the piezo vol control. I also have lying around the EMG BTC control to give the mags an active EQ so it would make sense to control the two mag pups' volume using a stacked vol/vol pot. That'd negate the need for any hole drilling.

HST, I haven't ruled out replacing the pups. They're OK (and the spacing allows for decent tone change from neck to bridge) but they're not great. Standard Fender Jazz-bridge size pups would be easy, but I have some nice options in my spares bag if I could stomach some routing.

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