Palmer Guitars

I was looking for pictures of Palmer Guitars I could use on my website. I sell them and can't find any color pictures. Anyone out there know a website? :roll:

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If you sell them, why not photograph the guitars yourself?


You really do have to answer GLW's question

That's exactly what I did was photograph them, but you have to realize, then they have to be cut out in the picture so you can tell which guitar the description is referring to, because the store is so full there is no wall space to put them on a plain backround. I can do all that but I also am the web designer, purchase agent, bookkeeper, salesperson, advertising agent and the owner and cutting out pictures is time consuming. I would rather find them on the web, but thanks for your insight.

I'd stick them out on the street on a stand to photograph...would look good. Failing that, they do have a website, but I don't know where you'd stand copyright wise.

I don't think they they would have a problem giving you permission to use the images. Email them and explain what you do and they will have no issues with it I suspect.

'' seems to be their site.

"If you found a Palmer electric or acoustic guitar on eBay or some other source you might be asking 'Who makes Palmer guitars', and the answer is that there is no Palmer Guitar Company.

When manufacturers and suppliers enter into a contract to build to specifications the name goes on the instrument. Palmers are manufactured in this manner to high quality standards with quality components"

I can't say I find that very reassuring.

Who is doing the licensing of the Palmer guitar name?

It's just saying "we stick this name on guitars that we haven't stuck Schecter etc on instead". Except they found a duff way of saying it. Happens all the time; one factory, different brands, but I wonder if they really "own" the names, as opposed to having a contract to make them. I know that Jackson is owned by Fender, for instance.

BTW, my other favourite line from the website is:

Jacks for instrument cables are on the front of many models

:shock: , Well, that's something I often look for although it's not a dealbreaker if it's side-mounted.

There's no Jay Turser factory, either. Or SX (sometimes Essex). Or any of a dozen "store names."

On the other hand, that means that some of these factories are making as many guitars in a year as Fender has made from the day it was started. That's not necessarily bad. The Model T was exceeding inexpensive, but undoubtedly one of the best cars of its day. When you make millions of something, it's possible to get very good at making them.

I would doubt, for example, that anyone would try to make the case that a 1960 Fender Strat is really a better guitar than a new Jay Turser JT300.

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