15 Best Guitarists

Heres the top 5 best guitarists ever in my opinion followed by ten more in no order
1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Steve Vai
3. Joe Satriani
4. Steve Ray Vaughan
5. Eric Clapton
Jeff Beck
Frank Zappa
Jimmy Page
Randy Rhoads
Eric Johnson
John McLaughlin
Frank Marino
Eddie Van Halen
Ingwie Malmsteen
Adrian Belew

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He is and he was on 2 occasions!! a 3rd nomination wont hurt though, and did i mention Michael angelo and his famous unique guitar? and even uniquer wig? check him out on his website http://www.angelo.com/
have a look at his pictures over the years, his hair looks exactly the same throughout the years, but that doesnt take the edge off of his talent.

Back in the early days of that 'heated' discussion about tone, I said something like,

"Surely you can't mean anyone who gets a Red Special and a Top Boost AC30 will immediately sound like Brian May?"

I was too chicken to follow it up with, "If you could step on a pedal that produced an immense, sucking noise - THEN you've nailed the Brian May sound :lol: "

but I've just done it here. Running for cover... (semi) joke, guys... don't hit me too hard :)

That man (Brian May) is a tonal genius, his tone is unique and instantly recognisable, how could you describe his tone as 'immense, sucking noise' ? he is the rock of British Rock, the constant, everything about him breathes Rock, his hair, guitar, Vox Amps, Delays, Black drainpipe trousers, waitcoat and cloggs, i think you need to retract that statement Bass, before it gets you into deep trouble. :lol:

Please guys and gals no more bickering, just appreciate Brian May for what he is, a great guitarist/songwriter who had the privilege to work with Freddie, Roger and John.

Although i think he is a great guitarist he also just cant let the 'Queen' thing go, it's like he is desperatly trying to hold on to the former glory days, and keeps regurgitating old records into new 'Queen collections' i think he and Freddy Mercury were Queen, and when Freddy died he had nothing left to say, and without doubt the best Queen era was Pre-Live aid, most of the stuff that came after that in my opinion was bland.
I have seen Brian May do a guitar clinic a couple of years back, and he really is a great player, he explained between him and his guitar tech how he got his sound, it was very interesting, and he is a great player, and i think queen were a great band up until Live Aid.

Well said!! :D

I have been impressed over the years with Many guitar players.. everyone on your list has special gifts...
There are MANY more... Lately I`ve been impressed with Brian Setzers chops...

Don't panic :shock: , Lee was having a joke swap and I was half expecting some serious buckets of dung over my head :) . HST, did my US cousins get treated to BM's "Everything I do is Driven by You" song, taken from a Ford car ad? Sortof Queen with a 'failed audition' singer vibe.

No, I'm only gently knocking Brian. For those interested in the tone, which is distinctive (and I don't mean that in a "wearing a fez in the supermarket" way) it might be worth a look at www.watfordvalves.com and clicking on the 'test reports' for the EL84/6bq5 valves/tubes. BM got quite involved in their testing as his uber-boost on the treble puts them under a lot of strain. Quite interesting for valve-nerds like me.

Also, hanging around the library, I picked up some guitar book with a subjective "50 best guitarists" chapter. Many already mentioned here (gratifying to see Joe Pass and Pat Metheny mentioned - not all blues/rock) but one or two I smacked my forehead and thought "Gawd, yeah, shoulda mentioned him!"

Wrinkly old guys like Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy and John Lee Hooker (really like JLH's output right from his beginings) but also... Robert Cray. How come I forgot him? I remember listening to some Clapton concert in the car and I kept saying to Mrs Bass "That other guy's the d's b's - sounds like Robert Cray." Mrs Bass reckoned he was much the better player. Sure enough, after a while, EC introduces Cray to the audience. Considering how little time I listen to that stuff, it says a bit that I could pick him out so quickly.

How come you are the only one that can read my humour Bass? maybe we were twins seperated at birth, kind of a Double neck Zepelin SG split down the middle to create 2 great guitars! of course i would have been the 6 string with the higher output potted pickups in standard wiring mainly played on the bridge, whilst you would have been the mellower middle of the road liberal 12 string, all jingly jangly and happy go lucky, pickups reverse wound... :lol: ...
was you born in Bow East London in 1965??

Oh and has anyone mentioned Mick Ronson??? (Bowie-Ziggy era) and also Mick Ralphs and Paul Kossof? and then of course Gary Moore?

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