15 Best Guitarists

Heres the top 5 best guitarists ever in my opinion followed by ten more in no order
1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Steve Vai
3. Joe Satriani
4. Steve Ray Vaughan
5. Eric Clapton
Jeff Beck
Frank Zappa
Jimmy Page
Randy Rhoads
Eric Johnson
John McLaughlin
Frank Marino
Eddie Van Halen
Ingwie Malmsteen
Adrian Belew

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:lol: Yep, 1965, but quite a bit to the SE of London, Lee. Perhaps you were found at the rail station, in a handbag (wrt Oscar Wilde) :) :?:

If we were separated at birth, I suspect it would be the "6+4" model. I was the one, two strings short of a full set, that nobody took any notice of unless I actually unplugged and went home ("where'd the bass go?" :lol: ).

If I didn't mention Ronson here, I have in a "Marshall Major" thread. The guy needed a 200W valve Marshall - 'nuff said. Anyhoo, swapping my bottleneck and dead dog for a bobble-hat and tar-encrusted bong, here's another name:

Steve Hillage. Not, I know, the most gifted of technicians and - if you don't like a tape echo - a real, "You're kidding" candidate, but bear with me. Immense influence amongst the beard-sporters, always accompanied by great musicians, wonderful loops and riffs ("The Glorious Om Riff" - top title, man) and, with the four-disc "Live Hillage" album, one of the very best live recordings committed to vinyl. I put Hillage on the tape player on a college coach back from London. All these wedgy-haired Flock-of-Seagulls types walking up the aisles saying "Who's this playing, it's brilliant!" I was dying for a pic of the kaftan-clad hairy goon to frighten their fashion sensibilities with :P

Being an Aussie I have to mention Angus Young. May we never forget Bon!!!

well well, i respect the best guitarist list but how can anyone forget,
Joe Perry Of Aerosmith and brad whitford,
and Slash of GNR
and rudy schenker of the scorpions
and richie sambora of bon jovi

aeromaniac, we hang our heads in shame... :cry:
i think Slash was mentioned but a very good call on the rest, especialy Joe Perry.

As the pages of this thread roll nicely along, I (re?)mention someone for two good reasons:

1) He made the entirety of Metallica do that "Ooh, look - it's him" schoolboy thing.
2) Beavis + Butthead made no sarky comments but just air-guitared through "Paranoid"

Tony Iommi, of course. Oh, Reasons to be Respectful (part 3); I have a variant of the Laney Supergroup head. A fine amp that's ludicrously cheaper than the Marshall Plexi (and almost as good).

A mention to Alexis Korner, whom I had the pleasure of watching before he died. A great blues player, but also a man who did for blues on British radio what John Peel did for punk/"alternative". Hard to believe that BBC radio had a slot (albeit Sunday night) for blues, but they did back in the 70s and early 80s. The show went with him, sadly.

Alexis was also the champion for the Rolling Stones, (not too sure about his inclusion into the Best guitarists though) without him there would have been no Greatest rock'n'roll band in the world, i think i bust a button on my trousers, hope they dont fall down, you dont want my trousers to fall down now do you? and if there was no stones then there wouldnt have been a Johnny Depp character for pirates of the carribean, a crackingly funny swashbuckling romp for all the family, and i beleive the riffmaster Keef makes an apearance in Pirates 2?

And, whay has nobody mentioned HANK MARVIN??
(incoming...baton down the hatches)

Nope, Alexis wasn't "up there", but a great student and, as you say, champion of British blues. The thing I liked about him was; 60-something, radio DJ, but he'd still do "Bridge Street Arts Centre" somewhere in the Midlands and play and talk.

If I may skew off-topic, I get fed up with bands "exhausted" after playing maybe 7 dates in a country. All at 'binoculars' arenas, £60 a ticket. I remember bands playing the venue in your home town. You didn't get a coach, you didn't pay more than a tenner, and you had a reasonable chance of stealing a dropped plectrum and displaying the 'trophy' to all your mates at school/college the next day.

Kinks, Hawkwind, etc etc. Happy memories. OK, rant over. :oops:

lee_UK wrote:
aeromaniac, we hang our heads in shame... :cry:
i think Slash was mentioned but a very good call on the rest, especialy Joe Perry.

I THINK U havent heard joe perry enough he replaced richie blackmore as the top guitarist when get ur wings was released in 1972 and can dish out both normal and slide guitar well and even slash was influenced by him and jimmy page highly rates him, so no doubt and ur the only one who feels, the whole blue army is behind him.

Joe Perry is well up there, also we havent mentioned Rich Robinson of the Black Crows, and once again Gilmour, because he deserves more than 3 mentions.

Since the topic does not say that it is restricted to one genre, how about Chet Atkins and Merle Travis? Has anyone mentioned Jeff Baxter?

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