Between the pop-ups and the spam...

almost all the enjoyment of this site is gone.

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There certainly seems to be a lot of spam lately. Is there a different way to allow message posting without penalizing serious new members?

I almost spelled it penile ized :D

mrblanche wrote:
almost all the enjoyment of this site is gone.

You are totally right.

................Does your wife know...? :D

I think all the mods are really slaving on this one (I only do the bass cat, which is small-fry for spammers) but the changes take time to filter through. Trust me, you don't even see half the spam thats posted, but IMO new threads are always cool and all get read, by me at least!


It is a problem that I'm currently working on trying to fix. Unfortunately, I'm left to work with the limitations of PHPBB. Still, I have hope that within the week I'll have the spam down to a very minimum. We have curbed automatic bot spam, but it's the people manually sitting at home, registering, and spamming that is now the problem.

We'll get the bastards.


Gentleman, consider the spammers stopped. Well, at least 99.9% of them for the time being.

Posts containing spam keywords and porn etc will now be sent to the admin for approval.

This will not effect existing users. If it does, please let me now and I will fix it. Existing users can still use all the naughty words they have used in the past ( so your safe Lee :) ) Legit users should never be effected by the new systems.

There is the risk that some legitmate posts made by new users will be held, but I think we can all agree, it's worth it! These posts will be approved ASAP.

- Michael

Spamming on this site was annoying, but i wouldn't say it was spoiling my enjoyment, you can see the spam a mile off and make a decision not to click on it.
But like Mike says, it looks like it has been kicked it to touch and we should now be spam free.


Just testing.

I personally don't find the spam as annoying as the damned pop-ups. No matter which thread I look at, the pop-up blocker has to work overtime to deal with them, but this obviously slows things down.

Since most people are now using pop-up blockers, whats the point of them being there? The ads must only show to about 1 in 1000 people (i.e. those who refuse to upgrade from IE5) :D - and I would be surprised if that produced many ad hits for 'sponsors'.

Make this site pop-up free and make everyones visit an enjoyable one. For f*cks sake, the banner ads are bad enough, but I understand that the site has to get some revenue from somewhere.

Those damned 'hover links' are bloody annoying also - for instance, if I mention the words guitar or bass in my posts, they becomea hover-links.

I for one find the pop unders annoying as well. Thankfully the blockers in Opera, FireFox or IE7 handle them with no worries and you dont need any extra addons.

The reality is revenue has to come from somewhere, or we don't exist.

If we can substitute the income made from the popunders and hovers with something else, we will be the first to change.

Speaking more as a contributor/reader than a mod...

The spam has been quite tedious and obviously cuts into my time for reading new posts (like Tim, I enjoy reading all of them) and writing my own (see, there's a silver lining in every cloud :) ) so I'm glad that new ways of defeating them are on stream. As for the advertizing, I use a blocker that seems highly effective. The downside is that I now seem to have to log in most visits, even though I should be permanently on (I have the same trouble with Fleeb). Personally, I dislike the Washburn "gore" banner; only because it slows screen reloads. This is true of many sites (and, indeed, software in general); as soon as hardware speeds up, the software bloats to slow it down again. Another site I use frequently now has pretty pics, backgrounds etc and the net result is that, after posting a reply, I wonder if my PC's hung.

All that said, it does worry me when good contributors, whose posts I always enjoy reading, are losing the taste for the place. I'm hoping that the filtering efforts help to keep you guys looking in and writing here :)

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