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Hello everyone

I have a problem with my guitar, and I hope someone can help. I have a cheap Yamaha 131 ERG, that I bought in a set with an amp. Last year I bought a Marshall AVT100 amp, and have noticed, for the first time, the feedback that my guitar gives off. The feedback doesn't bother me as much, but my pickups have the microphone effect. I have no idea if that is the correct term, but that's how I came to know it. It is when you strum or pick the strings, and through the amp you can hear, not only your amplified tone, from the pickups, but also the sound of you strumming or picking the strings. Now that can be really annoying, especially when recording, since I can't really hear what I play and you can hear it on the recording, because the two signals (the normal pickup signal and the abnormal microphone signal) get together, and ruin the sound. A couple of months ago, I bought an EMG 81 active pickup for my bridge (an HSH guitar), hoping that that might solve or help with the issue. The old pickups don't feedback as much as before, probably since I had to install 250KOhm pots, that came with the pickup, but the microphoning and the feed back got worse on the bridge. Before, I'd only hear the microphone sound when playing on the bottom strings, lower than the 12th fret, but now every string has it, probably because the EMG's are much more powerful than my stocks. So, my question is: how can I solve the problem with the microphoning, without buying a new guitar, for which I don't have money at the moment? Yes the wood is NATO, agathis, or some form of industrial wood, which is sort of a cheap wood to use, and must have really low tonal qualities, but to my knowledge, it shouldn't cause microphoning. Or should it? I hope someone who knows the technical stuff can help me.

Thanks in advance!

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