Luminog Guitar??

I've got a friend who keeps going to the Philipines and every trip he brings me back a Luminog Guitar. I designed the 1st one, a 2 1/2 in thick 335 style,all the hardware had to be replaced and I actually gigged with it. They all have very thin spruce like tops and actually sound incredible. The last one he gave me is a beautiful es-175 with p-90 looking single coils.( really a strat style pu with a p-90 disquise).

Again the guitar has loosy tuners and the tone pot doesn't work, but it sounds incredible whens its in tune.I've been playing for 30 years proffessionally so I've played everthing from Rickys mosrites fender guild gibson I mean I know guitars. My question is anyone outhere ever had similar expereince with this company ,some history-anything on Luminog?

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can you check if the name is Lumanog? (not luminog)

You are right it is a Lumanog! What can you tell me?

sorry don't know that much about them either :oops: but maybe the guys in this forum thread can help you:

This model says I.R. Lumanog on the headsock. Roxy you being from the Islands haven't you ever played or seen a Lunanog anywhere? Please I'm desparate for info. This guitar although its fine now, if I don't update the hardware it will fall apart,mechanically. I've seen it happen all too much with these. Well if you got no info you got no info thanks anyway!! Philvis

this is as much as i can get from other forum threads:

the pampanga guitar industry started with the Lumanog family back in the 50's then it was made popular by Secondino Lumanog during the late
fifties, of course he already passed away, but left the business to his wife and children. The authentic lumanog today was named, S. Lumanog Guitars, while all the others which uses the name lumanog were what they call in Papanga as "hango"(guitars purchased from a guitar maker aside from the Lumanogs, and then they put their Lumanog signature to it).

Lumanog, I think, comes from a family in Pampanga. These guys also make electric instruments as well. I remember taking apart a Fender Jazz bass copy and it actually had a small speaker magnet for its pickup! 8O
I haven't seen a great quality Pampanga guitar yet, most instruments are made of plywood.

i guess guitar making is a cottage industry in the Pampanga area and although some guitars are made of plywood, there are some guitars made of philippine mahogany which sound ok.

Im guessing my guitar is made by a luthier from that area.

Its a SG copy which sounded like crap until i changed the pups had the original bridge changed with a Tune-o-matic one, and had it setup and intoned properly and now it sound sweeter!

For those planning to go to Pampanga to check out guitars made in Guagua, perhaps this link may help

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