G#resonating badly

hi everyone.
still troubles with my electric maton (oh yes, maybe buying it wasn't such a good idea - still like it though).
as §I posted a lot of time ago, I noticed the g# -13th fret on the g string was resonating badly, with a really short sustain (close to nothing). 12th and 14th fret were not good either, and it was hard to keep it in tune.
well, I tried to replace tuners, nothing happened. after this operation then I had the idea to check the other g# around, and discovered that the same note on the b string sound bad (not as bad), and that can be noticed on the first string too. open Gstring not so good as well, since it's close to a g# on the first fret. UHM!
not a dead spot on the neck then (as far as I know, those are located in one single place on the neck, not everywhere and note-based).
last chance to save my guitar: can it be caused by a bad quality bridge/tailpiece (as it is factory mounted on MS500s)?!?!?!?
please help!

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thanks bass!
at the moment I'm quite busy but as soon as I can I'll take the guitar to some tech to have the nut put in place. I'll try to do the bridge thing as well, because it seems to be really cheap and the grooves in the saddles are being made deeper by the string pressure... (sorry, as always, for the weird english). it's like the bridge-saddle material is too soft compared to the strings' so it's wearing out, and this doesn't sound like quality to me...
I'll post what happens, when everything is done.
thanks for help, have a nice weekend!

Yes, keep us up to date on this one, riz. It's very odd; I've only had something like it once myself.

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