Current Guitarists Most Likely To Become Legendary...

As far as 1Bassleft mentioned in the 15 Best guitarists post, I think this could be a very good thread. Although I admit to not knowing many current guitarists, I was reading Guitar Player Magazine the other day and there is a section where unknown people can send in a demo cd of their abilities/talents and a short bio on themselves.

One of the people who happened to have been featured in this section was a 14 year old kid from texas named Lucas. His demo cd comprised of "Little Wing" by Hendrix, "Scuttle Buttin'" by Stevie Ray Vaughan, and "The Animal" by Steve Vai. Upon seeing the tabs for those songs, I realized this kid was incredible. He's only been playing for two years but he practiced 3 hours a day on schooldays and 7 hours a day on weekends.

So he is one person who I think will most likely be a legend in the near future, seeing as he is currently making a debut cd to be released sometimes soon.

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Bass, i could pick my nose, measure the impedance of my 2x12 Marshal cab with a mulitimeter, read a book, post a meesage on here, eat a curry roll and chips all at the same time and still play all of DM's back catalogue!! thats no claim to fame, well at least the singer came from Basildon, where else?

:lol: . They all did (not sure about Vince Clark). This'll make you laugh, Lee. I watched some '90s prog about Brit bands doing well in the US (DM being one of course) and this US DJ said something like

"American kids are disaffected with their country. They want to identify with cool English cities like Liverpool, London and Basildon..."

You can imagine how far my coffee spurted. :shock:

About 3-4 years ago I heard an acoustic duo at a party near Chattanooga, the name of the duo was Bad Sausage, and those guys could really smoke! My band was actually playing this party, and they got up during break, and stayed up there all night!

I think the hairy guy in Velvet Revolver shows potential, a few more years/gigs under his belt he'll be pretty damn good.

Still the best band at live 8.
pure Rock'n'Roll.

Saw them at the MEN arena, had seats unfortunately but a great gig. Duff has been my hero since I was about 8 and got my first illicit GnR album, had to hide it because of some of the F'in lyrics.

I remember the "Parental Advisory" sticker:

This album contains some f***in c**p songs...

:lol: (go on, let me have a laugh)

some nice live video downloads on there Snakepit, GnR, Velvets, i saw Slash at a guitar exhibition a couple of years ago, he was promoting his Sig Marshall stack, ive never seen him live before, and my mate Sean convinced me the 30min queueing up would be worth it, we got in to a stage room of no more than 200 people, got right in front of the stage, he came on with a band and played a 30min set and it totaly blew me away, i stood there open mouthed and in awe, the man is a complete guitar god, he simply has it all.

Amen to that.

But on 1BL's point, yes it did, alongside some of the all-time best rock tracks. Ever.

And when you're a kid 'Get in the (F'in) Ring' is cool.

Seats at a gig. Dontcha just hate 'em? I thought only football games required seats by law. I've been to gigs where the singer complains of no boogying, but what can you do; stuck in a little "U" shaped area, surrounded by velcro-arses still reading some tour merchandise?

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