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Hey guys!

Recently someone posted several clips on You-Tube of The Replacements ( ) from a very early gig at the 7th St. Entry in Minneapolis. Tommy Stinson was 16 at the time and had to get a note from his mom to play the job. These clips from 1981 are absolutely brilliant. Anyway, at the show Bob Stinson, my favorite unconventional guitar hero, is playing what appears to be a copy of a Fender Esquire – I used to own a Fender Japan reissue but that’s another story. Easily influenced by others, I started looking around on eBay for a similar instrument to make my own.

Having never seriously considered buying an instrument from eBay, I came up with the following questions:

How do you know the instrument you’re bidding on isn’t a fake?

It was -5 F. here in northern MN this morning. Is it wise to have a guitar shipped in cold weather?

I’ve had a lot of luck expanding my collection of old hand planes using eBay. Can I expect a similar positive experience when it comes to guitars?

Any insight / advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Well done glw at last someone talking some sense!! :shock:
I have no objection to the hacking up of USA, Mexican, Chinese, Indonesian, Or Indian Fenders, but when it comes down to the FAR superior Japanese models, then i have to draw the line. :twisted:

Sorry! My mistake.

I recently (last summer, I think) played one of these strats with the small headstock at a local music store. It was hanging with the Mexicans, seemed to play like one, and was similarly priced; hence my incorrect assumption. It wasn’t great and by no means exempt from some EVH-style customization. Really just the question of which Porter-Cable to use…

Vit, you have to change your UN to Sid Philips. Anyone remember 'Toy Story' at least i think his name was Sid Philips.

Now that is a coincidence! I was only just saying in the old hand plane forum how my collection has expanded by perusing eBay. Small world or what?

lee_UK wrote:
Vit, you have to change your UN to Sid Philips.

I was just messin' with you, Lee. Back in the day, one of my high school English instructors played guitar in a popular local cover band. He was heavily influenced by Buddy Holly and had an amazing arsenal of pre-CBS Strats and Teles from the late 50's and early 60's which he had acquired while in high school and college.

In the late 80ies when his band was at its peak, the only "luthier" in town was an apprentice violin maker. His main source of business was maintaining orchestra instruments for the local schools. Unfortunately, he also worked on electric guitars; a vocation for which he had little insight and no training.

For whatever reason, this teacher hired the violin guy to modify his two main stage instruments – a 1958 Stratocaster and a 1964 Telecaster. He wanted a Kahler bridge put on the tele and he wanted a Kahler bridge on the strat in addition to a new paint job, and so these two classic instruments were butchered. The tele bridge was installed slightly crooked and the strat had its beautiful tobacco sunburst sanded off and a hideous two tone sunburst applied in its place along with a new bridge – strictly amateur jobs that all but destroyed both guitars.

It’s my understanding that word of these atrocities spread rapidly and that other musicians were showing up at the guy’s jobs just to gawk at him and his ruined Fenders. As far as I know this was the extent of his efforts to customize his guitars. I took a valuable lesson from this.

Each strat that I have is modified, but all the old parts are carefully stored and labled and nothing is done that can’t be undone – no routing, cutting pick-guards, etc. You just never know what the value of something will be down the line...

Dont know if i should cringe or cry.

It reminds me of a bike mag cartoon. Someone is asking the guy at the door "I understand you have a chopped, lengthened Vincent Black Shadow for sale?" and, hidden round the corner, are a lot of blokes in tweeds and goggles clutching shotguns.

It's better seen than described, of course, but it cracked me up.

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