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Message posted by: Wayne P DuPlantis
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Subject: 1960 Les Paul Classic Gold Top
I have a 1960 Les Paul Classic Gold Top guitar in extra mint condition. No wear on frets, not a scratch on the guitar. In fact the original case doesn't have a scratch on it. I won't play it because in my view it shouldn't be played after all these years. I was just wondering what it would be worth approximately. I don't want to sell it, I'm just curious..

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Hey Wayne,

The Les Paul Classic was produced between 1990-98 and I believe was revived again in 2001. My guess is that it is worth somewhere between $1,500 to $2000 depending on how quickly you would want to sell it. Since you are currently not interested in selling it I guess it can be worth $2,000, right? enjoy your guitar, SB

SB, I'm glad you're on the ball :) . I had a quick glance and didn't realize we were talking re-issue. I can delete all those zeroes I'd typed now :oops:

I think Wayne thought it was a real 1960! if only. That guitar also has the ceramic pickups, and the tapered neck, very nice guitar, treasure it.

A web-rummage turned one up in classifieds asking Aus$2650. That's Australian $, so SB's bible looks pretty spot on. HST, some semi-vintage dealer had sold the lot of his so they could be a future classic like the Japanese JVs became. I remember telling a girl that a £250 JV Tele in the shop would be just right for her style and purse. Wonder if she bought it? She'd be happy she did.

Yeah 1bass, I had the same little rush of excitement until "not a scratch on guitar or case" sank in. I haven't seen many 1960 gold top les pauls, but every one I've seen has had a scratch on it. Wayne has a cool guitar, even if it is a reissue. SB

SB, thanks for the reply but I think you misunderstood my post. My Les Paul is an original 1960 guitar, not a remake. It's been kept for 45 yrs.....I have many guitars and I managed to obtain this guitar and don't want to play it just because it has NOT been played. I was amazed when I got it. My friends tell me I should play it and I always reply with, Why? It's made it this long without being played.

I know all you guys think I'm putting out some BS. Let me assure you that I was freaked as much as you would be when I saw this guitar. I know you may say NO WAY! But yes WAY, This ax is so fine that I couldn't and still can't believe my good fortune. I'm so proud to have this guitar, I guess by posting my first post regarding it value was to be able to tell someone I have it. I think ya'll can understand my excitement. And right on about selling it,
I prefer to hold on to it rather than have something so fleeting as money, if you know what I mean. Oh, by the way guys, this guitar was actually GIVEN to me!!!!

easy way to date it is through the serial number, what is the serial number of yours wayne??

Here goes.....The Serial Number on the headstock is: 012055

I hope it is what I believe it to be.

Well, fantastic Wayne!

At my last count there were over 100 Les Paul variations that use "Les Paul" somewhere in the name. If your guitar was made in 1960 it can't be a "Les Paul Classic", however, it can be a "Classic Les Paul". Congratulations on your good fortune. I also had a great guitar given to me once, a 1955 Gibson L-5 CES. I think at best , a gift like this only happens once every lifetime. SB

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