Park amplifier ebay scam - Definitely avoid

Warning all G-site readers who may be tempted to bid on this auction for a tasty Park/Marshall head on eBay UK:

The seller has a zero rating, but otherwise the location of Penzance and fulsome detail in the description might put some off their guard. Unfortunately for this scammer, I recognized the style of writing. A legitimate seller and owner of several Parks, called Texponix, usually does these types of listings.

I have just received an email from Texponix confirming my suspicions. This auction HAS BEEN HIJACKED. The original Park was sold by Tex and is no longer in the UK. Tex will be getting Fleeb to remove it but, until then, steer well clear. He has had many of his auctions lifted so treat any auction written in this style (ie, wordy :lol: ) as suspicious if not being sold by Texponix.

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I just checked, and ebay have pulled it, well spotted Bass.

I've asked Tex if he complained. I'd like to know if it was his complaint or "ebay scam" forum posts that prompted them to move quickly. IME, they pull an auction quicker if it's flagged on a forum rather than going through the ebay channels. I could be wrong, though. Perhaps Tex got them moving first.

I know this sounds a bit "Community Service Channel", but I've often asked before if anyone from ebay would like to comment on this.

a) Registering a "suspicious" through ebay's own links is torturous
b) A meaningful reply takes days
c) That meaningful reply often isn't meaningful; if you catch my drift.

In the meantime, scammers make use of short auctions, private bidder IDs, etc to fleece punters. Nobody's expecting ebay monitors to be guitar experts, amp experts or whatever. How come it takes a posting here or on other sites for a dubious auction to be pulled? Why not make use of some of the expertise available on other fora, instead of imagining the problem doesn't exist? I hate the idea of scammers ripping off bidders; I'd actually be willing to help if asked.

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