Great Guitar Sites

I'm looking for sites that have to do with playing, building, buying/selling and custom guitars. So far, I know only of several, which are listed below. Please let me know what other good sites are out there.

I'm looking for more of like guitar customizing and building sites if you know any.

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Hey talljackhole,

Go to my vintage guitar website I think I have one of the most complete listings of guitar site links available on the web. You better pack your lunch. SB

thanks a lot SB. yeah, you definitely have one of the most extensive site lists I've seen if not THE biggest list.

SB, seeing as how I get lost in your links sections, are there any standout sites yuo'd recommend?

Hey TJH,

I think standout sites are in the eyes of the beholder. Your first post concerning sites really covers a lot of ground and there are thousands of sites that might interest you. If you let me know something specific you are looking for I'll try to make some suggestions. On the other hand, it might be worth your time to simply go through the links systematically over the period of a month or so to see what's out there. Just start at the top of the list and when you get tired jot down the last site you visited so you'll know where to pick up looking the next time you log in. Be sure to let me know if you encounter any dead links. SB

SB, as far as specifics for sites and whatnot, basically customizing guitars and amps and stuff, like but yeah, i'll probably go down the whole list and see what's what.

TJH, knowing what your interests are, have a look at

Apart from parts (did I really just type that :oops: :?: ), they have a rather nice section on standard and oddball wiring. Maybe one for the 'favourites'. As SB suggests, it's worthwhile taking a few weeks skimming before opening the wallet. Good luck :)

EDIT: Sorry, there is no hyphen between "guitar" and "electronics" in the above link. It is now corrected.

visit the site

Hey emomih,

I don't think a site about you and your music really fits with what talljackhole is looking for. Just an observation for people that may be using this thread to find information about guitars rather than emomih. SB

maybe crazybri311 could chirp in with his utterly useless URL's.

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