Seymour Duncan-Ibanez RG270DX

I recently decided to replace the Stock neck Pickup in my Ibanez
270DX with the Seymour Duncan Humbucker I had in my old (non played)
Fender Squire Strat. The only problem is I can't find ANY wiring
diagrams that show how to do it. I tried to wire it up the same way
i had it in my strat and it didn't work. The Stock Pickup in my
Ibanez has 1 red 1white and 1 bare wire. The Seymour Duncan JBL
(that what the sticker says, one row standard Poles, one row FLat-head screw poles) That I have has 1 red, 1 white, 1 green,
1 black, and 1 bare wire. The strat was wired with the Red and the
white together the Black as the "hot" wire, and the Green and Bare
wire as grounds. That doesn't work In my Ibanez. Can someone send me
a link "or something" that has an accurate Wiring Diagram. My Ibanez
has 2 Humbuckers (one bridge and one neck) and a single pickup in the
middle. It has 2 Control Knobs, Volume, and Tone. It has a 5 way
toggle switch.
Thanks Mates

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it should work exactly as you described it, im not familiar with the 270DX what configuration is it? and what switching is there? coil tapping pots fitted? 2 HB's and a single in the middle??

check your wiring, have you damaged the pickup taking it out?

The 270 DX has 24 Frets, 2HB's (one bridge HB, and 1 neck HB), and one Center Pickup. It has a Volume Control and a Tone Control. It has the Rosewood Fretboard with the "shark tooth" markings. COmplete with Floyd Rose Bridge, and Locking Kneck. It has a 5 way Toggle, standard settings. Friend of mine has the Ibanez 270 the only difference we found between the two was His Only has fret "dots" on the the top of the Fretboard with nothing on the face, and his jack is on the "face" of the guitar, while mine is on the lower rear edge. That and His is Dark Blue, and Mine is Dark Dark dark Red. Think congeled blood >:)

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ALLLLRRRIIGHTTTT I got it:) It was just something stupid. I had a little bit of Solder bridging between the swith box and the inside wall of the guitar. As soon as I scraped it out of there Brrwooowwww. Sweet :) Man what a difference. I Know the JB series are "supposed" to be mounted in the bridge position, but I was never one to do what I was "supposed" to :) I was supposed to learn to play the sax. But I said Screw that I want to play the guitar like my pops! Rock on!

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