whammy bar

I'm interested in other people's ideas on the whammy bar. I like some of the sounds but have never found a way to be comfortable or fluent with it. It seems to be too loose or too rigid in placement...

and I most often just hit it as needed with my palm. I'm not sure if some people keep their finger curled around it all the time to use it more at will, but that restricts my picking too much. I'm most interested in more subtle effects like mild vibrato or pitch drift, not dive bombing - i can use a pedal for that. Thanks.

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I have a Maestro trem on my SG and use it quite a lot, just subtle wobbles on a few chosen area's in the song, nothing too repetitive, i use it close to my hand when im playing but don't hold it as i play, always push down, never pull up, works very nicely.

I've gave up even trying to use a tremolo years ago. All it did on Strat type guitars was to send the guitar out of tune. On my current Strat (the Holy Panther as seen in my avatar) I have the trem bridge screwed down and all 5 springs installed in the back. Trems are just a pain in the arse.

It bewilders me that the Stratocaster is the world's most popular and most copied guitar, yet 99.9% of the time it comes with this thing on it that sends the guitar out of tune. You get loads of people learning to play on an instrument that is capable to going out of tune all the time. I have no idea why trems come as standard on such guitars. Well... I do... it's a gimmick, but let's face it, it's a load of arse.

I had a Floyd Rose locking trem on my first Fernandes guitar (a Revolver Pro). That stayed in tune because of the fact that the strings were clamped, but that in itself was a nuisance because you had to cut off the ball ends and do all sorts of weird and wonderful things to change the strings. It was, quite frankly, too much effort, so I traded in that guitar for another Fernandes - a Native Pro - which had a Strat-style trem which I unscrewed and promptly lost.

Another problem with the Floyd Rose was that it was too much of a distraction and you end up playing the trem rather than the guitar.

The only trem I ever liked was a Bigsby that my friend had on his Gretsch. That sounded cool and seemed to return the guitar to pitch also. I'd like to try one on a Tele someday.

You missed your chance with that £250 aria 1970's Tele, that had a bigsby style trem unit on it.
Sometimes the trem units are worth the pain, my SG stays in tune all night during a gig, we once played a marathon 2hrs 50mins and i didn't tune it once, i checked it a few times, but i rarely have to tune it. But then again the Maestro trem works in a different way to the Strat trem.
I love my SG, i have 15 other electrics and always gig with the SG.

And if you want it even more complicated, why have one trem arm when you can have two?

Anyone remember the Vibro-Tek Double Whammy?


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