Could you live without....your internet access?

Please take time before replying! :D

When i think of that, i am unable to remember my "before internet" period...
I was playing tennis and guitar very often but i really like sharing music with other people and....learning your language!!!

Just curious : how much do you pay for your access?
In france the average price is 15 euros ($20) per month.

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I'd have to find a new job, but yes I could live without it, but I wouldn't like to live without it. :)

Australian prices are pretty much rip jobs. I pay $89AUD for 40GB of downloads, 6000k speed.

We are so far behind, Jesus is surfing porn at quicker speeds. Even Bill Gates agrees.

I pay £15/month for 512k, no download limit, freebie wireless modem router thrown in. There are cheaper, but inertia has set in. I hate being without inet (I know, because I haven't set up the wireless properly and have to push Mrs Bass + Bass Jr off. Usually only happens after 10pm).

If stuck on a desert island, I'd raid the crashed plane for a laptop, a generator and erect a dish that could get me an ISP somehow. Then I'd build a shelter to keep it dry. After a week, I'd perhaps notice I haven't caught anything to eat. And search ebay for yams or something.

(I used to play tennis and bass regularly until my over-extended clicking finger ended my career)

I pay £17 per month for upto 8mb, Free wireless modem/router and free Norton anti-virus/firewall etc etc, free extra VOIP phone number too, with free calls at weekends and after 6pm, but i live on the outskirts of town and only get 1mb, in UK ADSL Broadband download speed is dependent on how far you are from the local exchange, it's the price you pay for living in a rural location.
i think im on 6gb download per month, dont get anywhere near that. but i know people that would chew that up in a day.
Yes i could live without it, well maybe i couldn't live without ebay...

As of 1hr ago I have an 8mb line, 5Gb download/p/m, free router etc. £11.99pm for 6 months then £17pm for 6 months.

I hated not having it, but I can manage, just!

No I could not!

Just to update/correct.

When AOL Silver started, it was 512kb but I notice they now say up to 2Mb/s (I rarely see this when downloading files). Unlimited downloading, I don't know whether I'd be happy with a limit or not. I've never tried to work it out although the amount that actually goes on my hard drive is very little.

Theres no way that I could go withut it.. it's how I get all of my new music. For instance where else could you listen to all of Johnette Napolitano's new CD for free except for her website (ugh my new obsession)? I like to search for new music to learn to play and the internet is the best way. Everyone is just so in tune with the net now its impossible to live without.

Mustard mitt, Youtube comes into its own. Heard a song in a cafe and only have a rough idea who it was? Enter what you know and, hey prestolike, you're watching the promo video.

A promo video? sorry i misread that for a moment... :D

:lol: , yes - read promo video. We used to get a lot of links to the kind of video you're on about, Lee, but MightyModMike has now got his robotic cutter blocking them before they land on the forum. Saves me my old job of "checking them to see if there is any relevant guitar content" before removing :wink:

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