wrap around bridges...

on wrap around bridges there is usually a screw on each side of the bridge that goes to the stud thing. i cant figure out what they are for. i took off my strings to see what it did but i still cant figure it out. the only thing i know is that it moves the bridge closer or father away from the pickup. does anyone know what it is ment for?

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Sounds like a Q for Lee. Do you have a make/model update?

bronze series bc rich warlock


shoot, that didnt work

1bassleft wrote:
Sounds like a Q for Lee. Do you have a make/model update?

what i know about warlocks you could write on the back of a postage stamp, but having seen the picture it looks as if its for pulling the bridge backwards and forwards. Do the screws go all the way through to the 'studs'?? if they do then maybe they are used for adjusting the bridge for intonation setup, you could also screw one side more than the other to skew the bridge for intonation, just a thought.

they just hit the studs, they dont actually screw in them

Then its used to shorten and lengthen the string length, it's for intonation adjustment, if you tighten the screws clockwise then you pull the bridge back, thus lenghthen the string's, if you screw counterclockwise you adjust the bridge forwards shortening the strings.
What do you think Bass? (and dont give me all that truss rod adjustment, tweeking nonsense!!)

:evil: :evil: :evil: For the 2nd time in as many days, a meticulous Bass-post has gone off into the ether. This time, I never mentioned a truss rod, so it's not Lee's "Bass + truss = block" programme :wink: .

I don't blame the mods either - must be this dratted laptop, but did I say :evil: :evil: :evil: ?

Anyhoo, here's ANOTHER cut-down retype. Looks like the screws allow forward/backward shifting (intonation). Possibly also height adjustment (action), but I can only go on a pic from zzsounds. Could I ask for a confirmation (just looking at your Warlock bridge - don't adjust yet if poss) before retyping the whole, dratted post again?

Sorry, a teeny bit peed at this happening a 2nd time. I think the tendency for a lappy to 'suspend' is the root cause of my probs.

Message 4 moderators. I think my 'ether' problem has been traced. My sprog leaving "Mega City Challenge" minimized before sloping off to bed, not the guitarsite. In the interests of science and investigative journalism, I shall leave the lappy unattended for 15mins while I beat him in his sleep with a large bat.

If all works well (apart from sproggy, obviously), then I think I'll have confirmed the source.

Only just noticed ya post 1bass... I had been busy elsewhere all week and hadn't been keeping much of an eye on the posts. Let me know how you go.

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