wrap around bridges...

on wrap around bridges there is usually a screw on each side of the bridge that goes to the stud thing. i cant figure out what they are for. i took off my strings to see what it did but i still cant figure it out. the only thing i know is that it moves the bridge closer or father away from the pickup. does anyone know what it is ment for?

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Michael, I don't want to hijack, but it wasn't the sprog-game. Laptops suspending, not choosing "remember my password" and a ton of cruddy spyware sum up the occasional (and it is rare) posting diffs.

This'll make Lee laugh. I agreed to download (wait for it) a Scrabble programme. I run a club at primary school. "The World of Filth" has now hit my connection with a vengeance and caused the probs.

The news is; visit a guitar/amp site and the spyers assume you have no interest in sex. Scrabblers get targeted for porn. What does this say about us rockers compared to spotty wordniks? Bizarre :?

Only expl is that Scrabblers post on the net whether f**k is allowed whereas guitarists just say it when a string breaks and get on with life :)

F**K is worth 15 points, 45 on a treble word score, but on the other hand 'Trussrod' is only worth 9, unless of course you could tie it into 'Intonation' :wink: in which case you would probably win the game, but ive yet to see anyone tie the 2 words together.... :twisted:

:lol: , Lee. Atchlee, trussrod can be strung onto either "f**k" or "intonation". Doing this makes you a "hooker" - another reason why Scrabble searches unleash the "world of filth" spyware.

Dragging things further downwards, I'm also a guardian for the youngsters (six to eight) not old enough for Cub Scouts. Ludicrously, they're called "Beavers". I said I'd knock up a publicity flyer for the troop but I'm damned if I'll search the net for suitable graphics. If anyone can suggest a search engine that'll let me enter the required info without filling the hard drive with "Gary Glitter" hits, I'd like to know. Absolutely the stupidest name for a Scout movement ever. Did Baden-Powell never see "Naked Gun"? :?

BTW, Michael, I've had to remove the numerical "eight" from the post because the 'cool' emoticon came up. Just thought you'd like to know.

Good post Bass :lol:
I also have 2 girls one at 5yrs and the other at 8, advice on the 'Beaver hunt' i think you need to go on the links trail, start off at the girl guides website and look for the links to the beavers, you will probably end up with the ontario ice hockey team (ladies of course).
Nice looking puck. :shock:

Thanks for that Lee, and I suppose we have to kill the hijack there. This is a school (ie, your tax-quids) laptop, so I'm very sensitive about unsavouries hitting the HD. Bad enough that I use it to talk about guitars and amps :P ...

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