Keith Urban's Telecaster

I have read several threads throughout the information highway about people wanting to know what type pick-up Keith Urban uses in his Tele. We all know he only has 1 pickup on that anniversary nashville and that it is an EMG, but no-one could ever say what kind.

I talked to a tech at EMG today and he said Keith uses an EMG-SA in his Tele. Yes, I know that pick-up is for a strat, but Keith's guitar tech found a way to make it fit in his Tele.

This may help explain the tone coming from that guitar.

I also know he plays through a multitude of boutique amps, but you have to start somewhere if you are looking for his tone.

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aaron wrote:
I also know he plays through a multitude of boutique amps, but you have to start somewhere if you are looking for his tone.

This is what i found about his gear :

""For the people wondering about how Keith get's his tone ... I got
this information direct from Scotty Huff ... a member in Keith's
Band ... and from watching Keith live ...

Keith's main component of sound are the nine (9) (yes, 9) Amp's
he uses. 7 of these amps are Matchless DC30 2x12 combo's Then
Keith has two Matchless 2x12 Cab's and a Matchless DC30 head
powering one of the cabs, and an old Marshall Plexi Head powering
the other. 6 of the amps face towards the audience and are directly
behind Keith. You can see the old Matchless head in the upper left
and the old marshall head in the upper right. the last 3 matchless
combo's are facing towards the back of the stage and they are behind
the wall of the 1st 6.

Now, as for effects...this is direct from Scotty...

He has 2 GCX loop switchers with a Bradshaw Foot Controller
Carl Martin Compressor
Cry Baby Wah Wah
Fulltone Overdrive (Blue)
Fulltone Overdrive (Yellow - with comp settings)
Line 6 Echo Pro

Nashville Anniversary Tele with the Neck and middle pickups removed,
Fender Clapton Strat, Gibson SG.""

I have never seen Keith playing a SG, I have seen him playing a Les Paul Junior though. I am not saying he doesn't though, but I know he uses the LPJ a ton.

I know I've got too many amps, but nine DC30s and a Plexi... I wonder if he's payed off his advance yet? :)

I bet he has that advance covered....hahaha

I tell ya'll the truth. I play my tele thru a Fender Deluxe (1-12) with just a Boss OS-2 Overdrive pedal BARELY cracked open for that "just breaking up" sound and a Peavy delta-fex rackmount reverb. I run that combination straight thru to my board (Boss 1200 digital recorder), add a little chorus thru the BOSS unit and a little more reverb thru the BOSS unit and presto, it sounds just like Urban's set-up. That is thru the headphones only though. I have a lot of work to do to get that sound out of the amp for live situations.


I had a listen to some of his stuff on Youtube (lousy audio quality, but I got the idea). My valve-sniffing tube nerdyness is showing up, but it's got that characteristic EL84 sound. The Matchless site has some Hi-Q listens on it and channel 1 rhythm seemed close. If I couldn't spunk up for the DC30 (and I can't), I've got a funny feeling that my WEM Dom MkIV can make a decent repro. Rare enough over here, I doubt if there are any across the pond. The MkIII is only 15W, which isn't really gig-loud.

What 6V6s do you have in the Deluxe? I went through a lot of old US makes and the GE 6V6GTY breaks up very quickly; quite similar to the EL84.

OK, better stop. I need to iron my anorak :)

My fender delux has GT6L6B's. It does good. Mr 1Bassleft, as much as you know about tubes = how much I do NOT know about tubes. I am actually fairly new to this whole ELECTRIC scene. I have been an acoustic player. They are definately more simple, but not near as much fun !!! :lol:

Your amp is the 40W Deluxe Reissue, then? The original Deluxe used 2x 6V6 and put out less W. I have a 5E3 clone of the 1965 "classic" but it needs a tweak to get it working. I'm not familiar with exactly how the Reissue is constructed. I've read some people criticizing the Eminence speaker but I've no idea myself.

I don't really like those GT6L6Bs though. A tarted up Sovtek 5881, which explains the relatively low 40W from a 2x6L6 amp. It might be worth considering the old Svetlana (now called SED or "Winged C") 6L6GC when it comes to retube time. Russian made, but apparently as near-good as the old US makers. I've just got a pair in recently, but my 6L6 amp also needs a tweak to sort out a distortion issue.

Sorry, I could talk about valve amps all day, and often do :)

EDIT: after reading this post, it looked a bit like I was dissing your amp. No such intention; it's just that sometimes a different tube type can make quite a difference. Enough to remove a pedal from the chain sometimes.

I don't know if it is a re-issue. I was just playing a bunch of amps in the Guitar Center oneday and loved the way it sounded so I took it home.

I didn't take your post as dissin my amp, it's all good!!

If it looked new, then it'll be the RI. I don't get sniffy about RI as some "vintage" amp owners do. There are good RI amps and Fender make quite a few good ones. I was just a bit surprised because the Deluxe originally ran on 6V6s. These are low-power tubes, originally used in stuff like car radio but also powering classic small Fenders like the Champ, Princeton and the Deluxe.

The Deluxe you have (I think Fender's Deluxe Hot Rod is similar) not only uses the beefier 6L6 (albeit the underpowered Russian ones) but also puts out more W. In the circs, I can't suggest trying out 6V6 alternatives (much as I'd like to) because they might get fried in your amp. I'm having a rummage through the info on the web, though, to get more of an idea on their setup.

My amp is a hotrod.

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