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Howdy folks :) I'm looking for a guitar to start learning on, but I dont want to spend much over $200.

I need to include an amp in that $200 also. Not much to ask, is it?

There's lots of starter kits around for much lower than $200, but I know from life experience that you get what you pay for. Is it worthwhile buying a guitar and amp seperate, or just stump for one of the beginner all-in kits? I dont want to find myself having a bad experience and get put off :(

(Well, Im in the UK so I guess its actually £150-200)

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Hi greendots and welcome to the magic guitar universe!

Definitely i would never recommend any "kit" to anyone!!!
All you need is a real instrument with a good playability and not a toy.

In your price range this is my idea for a beginner :
An epiphone SG =>
That's a guitar easy to play (you can use it for many different styles) and the most important for a beginner : it stays in tune! (forget ALL the models equipped with a floyd rose.....nothing serious under $400)

The amp :
You can find an used Fender 15 frontman on the internet.I owned one and you can trust me : this little amp sounds terrific!!

Excellent, thanks for the advice :) How about the Epiphone Les Paul Special II instead of the one you showed? They are both Epiphone and look like they have the same pickups. (and importantly are the same price)

You know...i often forget that many people love the "Les Paul look".
Of course that can be a very good choice too.

This is an immensely difficult question to answer, there being so many variables at play;

Firstly, the type of music you want to focus on is inherently important. So this said, if the heavy chunky sound is something you favour, then you will obviously need something with humbucking pickups.

If a lighter rock sound is more desirable, then something with single coil pickups - however, modern amps and effects processors have taken making that choice away as virtually any electric guitar can be made to sound pretty much how you want by pluggin it into a box and twisting a few knobs.

You must also take into acount your stature and physical strength. Trying to stand up and manipulate an instrument that resembles a surfboard can get very tiring after a short while.

The size of your hands and fingers is equally important as necks come in a variety of contours/depths.

I would never recommend buying a guitar over the internet if you are a beginner. Always go to a guitar shop and sit with as many different instruments as you can before the salesman gets bored and walks off. You may not be able to even finger a single chord but you will get a sense of what 'feels' right.

Obviously, what appeals aesthetically is going to be a big part of the decision making process as well - certain shapes just don't look right. I have never been attracted to Stratocasters, despite owning several.

My choice for a beginner would be either the new Squier Vintage Modified SSH Telecaster;


This has the feel of a much more expensive instrument and has five way switching giving a range of tones, the SSH meaning two single coils and a humbucker. I bought one of the first imported and paid £190.

Or, the Schecter Blackhawk which is a different animal entirely. Full two octave 24 fret neck. I have seen this go for around £135 cash in Sound Control. They are trying to get rid of them and take offers. Several different colours too. Very very good for the money.


I totally agree with youngwasp : you must go to the shops and try your guitar.The models we mentionned are easy to find.
That seems ridiculous but you must like the guitar you buy.If you don't like it,don't buy it!

I don't think the type of music is the most important point,just because when you are a confirmed player you can play any style with any guitar.
greendots has to learn playing first ,that means a guitar always in tune with a comfortable neck.

Thank you very much for the help. I'll get it tomorrow :D got my car loan approved about 5 mins ago from the bank, and there's a little left over for this guitar.

The very cheap Epiphones are made of plywood, so I personally would avoid them.

Do you really think that a beginner will make the difference if he owns a massive wood model?
Plywood? Less sustain but is that the most important when you begin?

I briefly owned a Epiphone Les Paul Junior and was less than impressed with the build quality. It might be OK for a beginner, but if that beginner makes a go of it then he or she will soon want to change to a better guitar. Just my opinion...

The danelectro U2 is made of hardboard, many guitarists rate them, im not one of them.

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