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Howdy folks :) I'm looking for a guitar to start learning on, but I dont want to spend much over $200.

I need to include an amp in that $200 also. Not much to ask, is it?

There's lots of starter kits around for much lower than $200, but I know from life experience that you get what you pay for. Is it worthwhile buying a guitar and amp seperate, or just stump for one of the beginner all-in kits? I dont want to find myself having a bad experience and get put off :(

(Well, Im in the UK so I guess its actually £150-200)

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I'm a bit anti plywood myself. I've owned a couple (in my younger days, any sub 200 quid guitar was ply). They're often bright, lacking in bass, and very poor for sustain (I assume all that glue soaks it up). The only plybass I used for a while was the Aria SLB2a; partly because the active circuit boosted the bass a little and partly because I sounded like JJ Brunel, which was OK with me.

So many starter guitars, even sub-100 ones, are at least agathis (Asian wood similar to alder), poplar or basswood I just, like glw, would avoid ply for the sheer sake of it.

I am one of those guitarists that rate Danelectros. They are great guitars.

When you say they are made of hardboard, the image that conjures up is one of flimsyness. This could not be further from the truth. Danelectros are NOT flimsy. The "hardboard" (or Masonite to give it its real name) is pretty solid stuff and is approx 5mm thick. If this constitutes flimsyness then there's no hope for any acoustic guitars!

The thing with Danos is that the unique construction of the hollow body coupled with the lipstick pickups gives them a particular resonance that you don't get with other guitars. You can't compare these with cheap and nasty plywood planks.

Give Danelectro guitars a try, I say!

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