Metal players ....your opinion please!!!!!

Hello all
I'm supposed to write a "metal song" for a friend singer.This is the first idea that came to me.A first shot not perfectly recorded (it will be) but I need to know if you like the sound and the feel....looks like metal or not?
Have a listen, and let me know what you think.
Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that my friend is looking for a "neo metal" kind of music.

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Being so old i cant understand the difference between 'Metal' and 'Neo Metal' can someone please enlighten this 42 year old fart.

I think Neo Metalers wear Black leather, but 'Metalers' wear Black leather with studded accessories?? am i getting there? things were so easy in 'the old days' we had Prog Rock for the bearded real ale drinking, sandal wearing ancient farts, and everything else was 'New Wave', i was of course a skateboarding New Waver.

lee_UK wrote:
Being so old i cant understand the difference between 'Metal' and 'Neo Metal' can someone please enlighten this 42 year old fart.

.....sure!!! :D
In the structure of a "neo-metal" song you don't find any solo, and -second point- the chords are played only on the three bass strings of the guitar : that's what i did......

This is a totally new metal style!
The "metacoustyle"............!!!!!!!!!!!

(100% acoustic guitars :wink: )

and would the top string be de-tuned 2 steps?

Anything like Nu-metal (eg Limp Bizkit) then? I'm not up on every sub-genre of metal myself. I had a listen to your first link, Guy and I have to be honest and say I trailed off after about 1:40. It's not usually my kind of thing anyway, but I thought the arpeggiated intro went on a bit too long and with a drumtrak sounded a bit soft-rock. The overdrive later on is a bit too extreme for my liking, too.

I have to emphasize that I don't often like this style anyway. Is your friend looking to rap over it, or have I completely missed the plot? Maybe I'm in the wrong ballpark with Bizkit-type stuff.

lee_UK wrote:
and would the top string be de-tuned 2 steps?

Don't you mean the bottom string? Surely?

I know what i mean :lol:

When this started I immediately started singing 'The Changing Man' by Paul Weller (which incidentally I think is ripped off from 10538 Overture by ELO).

It hardly approaches metal of any description thus far experienced, the simple inclusion of a 'metaly' sounding guitar recorded in the lavatory hardly qualifies it for the genre. Personally, I found it interesting, but I would beef the whole thing up by keeping the lighter passages as they are and really kicking in with the distorted sections.

It also needs something else, just a hint of gothic choir and a short electric violin solo. You also say that your friend wants a song? Well this isn't a song, it is an instrumental, so I am bit confused. Can we see the lyrics - or maybe we could collaborate and write them between us?

ummmm, not very metal sounding..

........ok.... :( ......... :D
In france we are used to say : "being ridiculous won't kill you".
That's true.....I'm still alive!! :D

I should better go back to my favorite section of this forum!!!
Finally I realise that the friend I was talking about doesn't need me anyway.

In fact , when I'm using my electric (not often)....I am just spending time and making noise!

as example (don't worry ,a very short sample):

youngwasp : thanks for replying to my pm.

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