Project BEAD

I've had this kicking about for around 8 years now. As I've got a little cash at the moment I'd like to develop it into BEAD tuned bass. The body weighs as much as a small tractor but hopefully this will help tone-wise?
The neck isn't exactly fast but doubt I'll widdle much in Low B anyway!

Couple of questions: Would a 4-string pickup handle 'B' ok? I assume I'd be ok with a P-up that specifically mentions good lows?

I'm thinking just 1 p-up to start with, would a neck P-up, in a dense body, tuned to low B just be too much?..should I go for bridge placement to give at least a little attack?

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Don't quite know why that didn't work the first time?

Odd that the pics don't work. I tried to edit the post, but no joy either. When I c+p the URL into my header, I can see your pics fine :?

Anyhoo, I don't think you have to worry too much about the pup. An open B is (IIRC) about 30Hz so you can keep that in mind but, for instance, Fender's Musicmaster Bass used a Telecaster pup and Ric's original "toasters" were also guitar pups (although the Ric brightness is a putoff for some). As you mention, the likes of Dunkmore Semen have little graphs so you could choose a lo-emphasized pup. The other thing is that a B is flobbier and will vibrate over a wider distance than the E would. I doubt if this is a problem with the split-coil's two polepieces per string.

With a choice of pups to install, though, I'd be tempted to aim for the likes of Dunkmore's quarter pounder (fatter polepieces and more bass freq emphasis) or Dimarzio's Split-P (blades rather than polepieces, and a wider eq range than the std pup). I actually owned a new Split-P for a while, but changed my mind about my bass design and flogged it still in the box so I have no idea how it sounds, unfortunately. You could have a look at H-C's bass pup user reviews, I suppose.

Thanks, I'll have a look at reviews and prices.

Tim, when you say "neck P-up" are you intending on using the pickup cavities already in the body or actually go closer to the neck?

Oh yeah, it's no where near the neck is it :oops:

But yes I'll be using the cavities already existing, it's be a nightmare to route apart from anything.

Off on a slight tangent...Have you seen the new Warwick 'Dark Lord'? Built to be tuned F#, B, E, A...Not quite sure how practical that would be live, but I like the idea! And it's black too (suprise suprise)

Bass! How low can you go? That's some dancey-wancey lyric for someone to look up. I'm unconvinced; 35" scale or not. I already find the low B a little flobbly and testing some of my amps (or, more accurately, drivers) range to the limit. What's the frequency, Kenneth? B is 30Hz so F# must be in the sphinctre-opening category.

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