Fannin Acoustic Guitar

I bought a Fannin guitar at a yard sale from an old man. He played it for me. It sounded real good. I don't know much about guitars. I was told by people who play that it has a real good sound. If anyone has more info I would appreciate it.

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Welcome to Guitarsite, deedle. There was a previous post here back in 2005, but no replies were received. The info you found on H-C is all that's out there at the moment. This is a common problem with Japanese made acoustics on small brand names. Hopefully, somebody will come across this during a search and add their own info.

Hello, just read your post thread and decided to register for this forum.

My Dad had a Fannin years and years ago, sounded great. I am almost positive he said they were made by Hofner, you might want to start there

My dad sold his Fannin when my parents got a divorce back in the mid late 80's. I think he sold it down in toledo ohio but not sure. wish I could find that guitar. His had a black hard case with plush blue lining.

Hopes this helps a little. Good luck...Jaime

Found the following

Found the following at:

Fannin guitars were made by a small Japanese Firm in the 70's to mid 80's (mine is dated 1979 according to the stamp on the heel block, they didn't use a paper label to my knowledge). Unlike the other post listed here, they had no association with "Fender," as far as I know, but were imported & distributed by a company called "Nu Look Fashions," out of Columbus Ohio in the early 1980's. A quote from Bob Ward at Sound Associates Music Ltd Lawrenceville GA. who seems to have intimate knowledge about Fannin Guitar's history!

"In the seventies and eighties. During one of the buying trips overseas Larry Fannin, president of Nu Look, discovered a small guitar factory turning out very high quality instruments that competed quite well with the Yamaha, Aria, Epiphone, Sigma and Fender guitars imported into America at the time. Mr. Fannin , a talented guitar player himself, recommended several notable improvements to the initial acoustic designs the small factory had, added a number of new models, and then scheduled guitars for delivery and warehoused them in Columbus Ohio. Unfortunately Nu Look did not have enough sales staff on the road to call on and promote quality musical instruments directly to music stores, so the distribution was limited to a very few retailers that were called by the telephone sales staff in Columbus. With not enough telephone sales generated by the clothing sales staff and no national advertising campaign, the Fannin guitar line was discontinued within five years of the introduction. Numbers of specific model production are unknown. The Fannin Guitars are still considered to be one of the better import guitars of the late seventies and early eighties."

Hope this helps!

would like a price and interested in selling

I'm an original owner of a D37 great shape great sound . I would like to know what they are worth and then I might be interested in selling . Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanking you in advance Bob.

Fannin D57

I bought mine in the 90s after the IRS had Willie nelson tax sale and story that came with guitar was it was sold in the sale and had been played in the movie Songwriter? whether any of that is true or not who knows maybe Willie? It has D57 stamped inside on butt end of neck along with serial number u11562cy 70 stamped above the D57 looking inside top up, a solid well made guitar with a great unique bassey sound, I tool it to a large guitar store in Dallas right after I bought it and they said it looked like it was custom made and thought maybe someone had made it and gave it to Willie, but then I see this thread about these Fannin guitars being made by a small company in Japan and sold in US in the 80s? So I am wondering just like everyone else. It is a great guitar> I recorded a group of songs in a studio in Shreveport La. in early 2005 and 6 and used this guitar, a lot of songs with just this guitar, ck me out under texassongwriter and Lester D. on Reverbnation and listen to a song called What Once Was with just this guitar alone. If you wanta hear the sound, matter of fact all of those songs had this guitar played in recording but some with other instruments that took out what you can hear of this great guitar. Lester D. Colors is a song on there that has been in top 5 on local charts for over 4 years. listed under texassongwriter country gentry Cushing texas 75760 and it was back up to number 1 yesterday ( March 8th 2018) have a great week end!

Fannin Guitar

My grandfather larry fannin made the guitar. I live in Columbus ohio. My grandfather passed away but heleft a good legacy. Larry also use to own nulook fashions. Nulook made suits for department stores and had a suit factory here in Columbus. They also imported suits from china. my grandfather loved bluegrass music and in the 80's wanted to create his own guitar. Before he passed away he created a bluegrass album.


Apparently the factory in Taiwan that produced the Fannin also made other branded guitars. Including Boeing. I bought mine in early 1981.

Fannin D97 Acoustic Guitar

I purchased a Fannin D97 this morning after reading the posts on this forum. After doing a setup...adding new tuners & strings...and then lowering the action, I was pleasantly surprised at the sound that rolled out and how easy to play this laminated guitar was. I collect & repair all kinds of guitars but this one definitely caught my attention. The fact that it still adjusts and responds easily to being setup...straight neck, great acoustics, great feel and most important fun to play!


How do I get a hold of you. I just got a D57 that appears to be solid rosewood with mahogany neck.

More info on Fannin

I just bought an F19 (knowing very little about it)
Any info you can share regarding the quality of this guitar? I'd love to learn more.

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