USA Big Muff switch

I haven't had time or money to try to fix my previous issues, but in the meantime i've got a new question for you all.
I just bought an USA made Big Muff, and yes, I love it - even if it's a huge mess of a pedal.
Anyway, my problem is the following (it seems to be common):
1) quite loud "pop" noise when switching,
2) well, loud hum as well, but it's set with both volume and sustain cranked, so I don't know if it's solvable.

on 1) i know that some resistor placed somewhere can do the job, but which and where?!?
and in your opinion, is it worth installing a true-bypass switch (and if it is, is it easy to understand the 9-pin-layout of such a switch)??
Thanks in advance,

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ok I opened the box,
the pedal actually IS true-bypass, since it's got this blue square 9-pin switch.
I checked around on the net and the pop issue can be fixed with a 1M ohm resistor across input jack's tip and ground (so they say).
I'll try that and write here what happens.

Keep us posted, I'm in the very early stages of opening up my pedals and maybe trying to build one or two in time (as in, buying a soldering iron this week, haven't used one in a decade!) be good to hear how you get on...and Big Muffs are very cool!

they really are mate... :D
if anyone has an idea on how make these pedals less hum-generating, let me know...

riz, I've bought a DHA VT1 pedal. Hum is not a problem, but the 'pop' is.
It's also a "true bypass". I'm up to my neck in things to do, and this pedal isn't a high priority. If you find an answer before I do, please post up here.

well I tried to put the 1M ohm resistor across input tp and ground, but it doesn't seem to be that effective.
I'll try to re-check the joints and post here what happened.
In case, if you pedal has a LED, then I found some more info on how to cancel the "pop" thing,
I'll try to find the link (it must be buried between my bookmarks) and post that too.
have a nice day!!!

Mine has a blue LED. All info gratefully received.

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