For Sale: BOSS ME-10 User manual


If you are looking for a BOSS ME-10 effects unit user manual, you can get one in PDF format for twelve bucks. Please let me know if you are interested.


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Why $12?? why not give it away free? do you own the copyright on it or something? are you allowed to sell it like this?
probably not, but then you only came here to make a bit of profit.. nice people.

I just charging for my services. The original material is a paper document. So, I had to scan it (almost 70 pages) and then convert to a proper format, in this case, PDF. Hopefully this explains why I am charging 12 bucks.

And so under the original copyright you are allowed to do that are you?
Or did you write the manual? if you didn't write it then what you are doing is no better than flogging counterfeit DVD's.
What do you think Youngwasp?

From the always useful Guitarsite archives is this post from 31/8/2005:

Posted by Aimless on August 31, 2005 at 15:53:25:

In Reply to: boss me 10 manual posted by scott o on June 15, 2002 at 15:48:19:

: does anyone know where i can get one of these

you guys are losers lol. stop reposting a request. unless you have something to say that will benefit humanity, its better you not touch your keyboards. kay thanks

now, since I'm such a nice guy heres where you can find the ME-10 manual. mind you, you need to register, but its free, so don't cry =þ

and its as true today as it was then. Register a username and password with and download old manuals to your heart's content. Cost: nada, nix, zip, Butkus

I think you should find something better to do. If you don't have anything important to say, then keep your mouth shut, loser.

We have nothing better to do than save people money, i have a day job, i think you should try getting one too instead of attempting to make a cottage industry out of counterfeiting other peoples work.
You remind me of a Argentinian conscript trying to defend an undefendable position overlooking Port Stanley, you know you are outnumbered by a superior better trained, better motivated force, but you still keep chucking the bullets out, whilst sucking your thumb and crying for mummy.
You are the loser. [/u]

Considering the amount of posts you have in this website (more than 2.000), I think you must be extremely "busy" at your day job....hahaha

Thats an awful lot of people we have helped, and guess what? we haven't made a penny from our advice, it was given free of charge.
When you can put up a decent argument for ripping off copyright protected goods then come back and see us, nice to see you can stick to the topic at hand and not go for a personal attack, keep sucking that thumb.

Lee and 1B have both made very valid points - ferluis2584, you have not.

A) As Lee said it is copyright infringment. It is the same as me duplicating a Stephen King novel and selling it, or selling a copy of my Something About Mary DVD. I'm neither the author or copyright holder so I can only sell the original, not a copy.

B) You can download the fucker for free.

You said: "I just charging for my services. The original material is a paper document. So, I had to scan it (almost 70 pages) and then convert to a proper format, in this case, PDF. Hopefully this explains why I am charging 12 bucks."

It explains why you're an idiot.

This PDF also contains alot of setups I myself created, so this is very different from what you guys are saying about Stephen King/Something About Mary. So, you are wrong. This gives me the right to charge for my services.

But, now I realize why you guys are crying out like babies: you both want a discount, right ? Ok, I can make it 11 bucks, instead of 12.

B.T.W. no need to be rude in this space

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