Last lekky I bought

I got one of these for my 8 year old:

Changed the strings and we were in business for a Sonic Youth jam. Unbelievable. Great guitar and worth 3X as much. At least.

Anyone bought a Harley Benton Les Paul? Ooo. Much tempted...

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Belated welcome from me, too. I did think about getting one for my son, but the proper guitarist advised me not to get "any of those A-tuned things". I got a full-scale Strat-type instead. I like it, but it's all over him and he's not shown any interest since.

Hello mate
For 50 €uropes I couldn't say no. It's sparked his interest and he does a funny thrash metal impression that's worth the price alone.
11 year old daughter prefers the Tele with a capo. "Can I have this guitar and not that one when you die?"
Kids, hey? You can't beat 'em. Any more.

As a non-guitarist myself, I wondered how do chords work out on those Harley Bentons? Do you do the same fingerings and it comes out OK but Emaj is now Amaj or what? If the chords still work but you get a key change, I'd maybe consider one for my sprog. I'd just need to go up a string to accompany him.

(Sorry, I realize this may be a dumb Q from a bass player who strums a few chords :oops: )

One of my daughters was desperate to start playing a while back and we went through several 'kid's' guitars. Without exception and no matter how they were tuned or what strings were put on, none would hold their tuning for more than a couple of minutes. The slightest bend or slur or bit of hefty power chord work and it was away with the fairies.

Waste of time, money and effort.

youngwasp wrote:
...and it was away with the fairies...

Sound's cool, that's how I normally play.

Had a good look at that Thomann site, some great prices on there. How is the Harley Benton? I notice in the Amp section they combo a HB cab with a GK head (though they also put Marshall with Behringer). Very affordable, keep us posted on the quality.

After I'd changed the strings on it (regular 10's) and waited a day for them to settle in, it was just great. I had to adjust the intonation a tad, but both the keys came with it. It was pretty fekkin close anyway.

The frets are a tiny wee bit sharp off the side off the neck, and I'll probably give them a bash with the emery paper next string change.

Otherwise, considering the return policy that Thomann have if you don't like.. It's an absolute gem. Sounds magic. Less hum through the mixer than my old crappy Fenders. Not fitting EMG's just yet though..

Holds the tuning for days mate. Good machines.

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