Charvel by Kackson serial number lookup

Hey. Iam new to the site. I used to play guitar when I was in elementary and middle school but haven't played in awhile. Started jamming on it alittle now. I have been trying to find out what year or where made or how much my guitar is worth? It is a 7 digit serial. Anyway the numbers are 0801747. I have included a few pics too. On the pickups and stuff it says jackson and on the bridge it says licensed under floyd rose patents and it also says jackson on it. It is also a 24 fret neck. anyother info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Craig.

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It's an '88 Charvel 3DR.

This guitar store says it has a 'Fire Crackle finish.'

End of second row:

Welcome in Craig, and "Charvel by Kackson" is one of those great, comedy typos. I didn't think they were that bad, myself... :lol:

These guitars are always responsible for taking out an eye or two. And yes, Kackson release some fine models.

I've released a few Kacks in my time, Mike. Never checked them for looks, though :)

Hey. Thanks for the response everyone. Michael, I wonder if mine is deffinately an 88. IN that picture the head is pointing up instead of the one pointing down on mine. The pickups look alittle different than the one in the pic but thanks for that site. And what do you mean responsible for taking an eye out? :lol: Is this a cheaply made guitar? Also, thanks for the welcome. Craig.

The head is known for having a knife edge = eyes out.

Your right, it may not be 88, but I can't find any other instances of this model and finish from any other year. Though, I'm far from being a Charvel expert.

At the moment I'm having trouble finding a 7 digit serial number guide for Jackson or Charvel. I'm looking as we speak though and I'll update when I find something.

Supposedly all Jacksons with 7 digit serials are made in Japan... th eonly problem it must begin with 9.

Seems finding info on import Charvels ain't easy.

heres what I did dig up:

1988 model '3' Charvels had the Registered Trade Mark (R) symbol on the headstock, as opposed to earlier models having (TM).

What I need is a bunch of closeup pictures of the pickups and temolo, plus any wording written on them (spesh on the single coil).

Then I can pin it down.

Hey Michael, thank you for your time in researching this for me. Here are some more pics of the pickups. Sorry, there is a glare in the pics. Can't seem to get around it. Jackson is written in cursive. Thanks again. Craig.

Thanks Craig.

The Charvel Fusion had a downward head like yours and 24 frets. It was made in the 90s, but it doesn't have the slanted pickup that the 3DR and yours have. The only thing is though, the 3DR has just 22 frets.

Even though you can get a reverse headstock for the 3DR, I'm lead to believe they were more on 90s made Charvel Predators (which was the same as the 3DR but with a different trem and pickups).

See here for the differences:

Is it not a 3DR or Fusion and something entirely different?

This is driving me slightly insane :lol:

hmmmm... maybe this is some extremely rare guitar that is worth $10,000 :lol: Wow, you sure are finding a ton of info though, couldn't even find that. Thanks. Never knew they had a tm and R trademark on the head. They guitar that couldn't be researched :roll:

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