Can anyone help with identification ?

Help! my father passed away and i'm trying to identify his guitar. It was made by Grimshaw of London, but I can't find any model number

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If you can't be bothered to elaborate then nobody is going to help you, how about telling us what kind of guitar it is? electric, acoustic? what does it look like? wood? plastic? nylon? formica? chipboard? ply? brick?
Maybe you could even try posting up a picture of it? (i know thats asking a lot, probably too much effort).

Alternatively a quick 10 second google produced this:

sorry prev. post was not finished. The guitar I am trying to identify is a Grimshaw. I don't know much about guitars but will try to describe as best I can. It is made from wood approx. 2 1/2 inch deep, there is mother of pearl on the frets, it has four dials on body, and a switch. It has the name Grimshaw on the top of the bit where you tune it and four diamond shapes in mother of pearl. On the body it has a black piece with a big G on it. It has 2 long metal bits coming from the strings to the bottom. It has 2 f shape holes in the body, and a piece to plug an amp into. It is yellowish in colour going darker to the outside. I have looked on Grimshaw website and the nearest I can find is a bass guitar but it does have a lot of differences to this one. It is approx. 30 years old or there abouts. My Dad loved this guitar, but fell ill and could no longer play it, so it was stored away until he passed away 1 month ago. I would be grateful of any information on this guitar, or any suggestions on where to find some. Thank you

Not wishing to fob you off, but that website linked by Lee is your best bet. If you were to contact the person running it, especially with a picture of your guitar, you'll get loads of help.

I've contacted sitemasters of guitars and amps that I'm interested in and have always found them extremely friendly and only too willing to help.

Wow! Grimshaw? That's a new one on me. The big G on the body sounds reminiscent of Gretsch guitars - a deliberate copy perhaps?

From reading bits on the website, they are copies of Gibson's for people that couldn't afford one. But more often than not they were actually more expensive, Ive never heard of them either, but a real Gibson was very hard to get in the 60's and early 70's so there was a big market for copies, and this is one of them, but these are the better ones.
Good website with lots of info, good luck with the search.

Were they actually made in the UK (London)? My guess is that the earlier ones were but looking at the photos of some of the later models (Tele, doubleneck, SG), I wonder if they were re-badged Far Eastern guitars.

The early acoustics with a banjo-style separate back look very interesting. I've never seen anything like that before.

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